Freewing F-14 80mm Twin EDF

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Official Freewing de Havilland DH-112 Venom V2 90mm EDF Jet

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  • Official Freewing de Havilland DH-112 Venom V2 90mm EDF Jet

    Hello everyone. We had a chance to fly this bird down in Texas at Warbirds over Grapevine and what a beauty. Wanted to start the official thread and post the spec and the flight review.

    Freewing 90mm EDF de Havilland DH 112 Venom Jet Version 2

    This is the new version 2 (V2) of Freewing's Venom EDF Jet with Swiss red livery. This upgraded version has significant upgrades to both the power system and the airframe. The Venom V2 now includes a 12 blade fan, 130A Hobbywing ESC, and powerful 3748-1450kv brushless motor. Structural upgrades include an increased number of carbon wing spars for rigidity, strengthening of the overall tail section, and a complete redesign of the horizontal and vertical stabilizer sections for improved performance and scale appearance. FEATURES:
    • New - 90mm 12 blade ducted fan with metal housing and powerful 3748-1450kV brushless motor provides awesome power and incredible real-life jet turbine sound.
    • New - Premium quality 130 Amp Hobbywing ESC with 8A UBEC.
    • New - stronger tail section, with revised rudder and elevator.
    • New - Increased carbon spar count and EPO foam construction provide the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.
    • Incredible scale details including hand-painted pilots, scale canopy, shock absorbing landing gear, sequenced landing doors, and stunning Swiss Air Force graphics package.
    • Large, nearly 5 foot, wingspan provides incredible scale detail and easy to see even at high speeds.
    • Bright LED navigation lights for enhanced realism and dawn/dusk maneuvers.
    • Electronic retractable landing gear with aluminum shock absorbing struts and sequenced gear doors.
    • Full function flaps allow shorter take-off distances and slow, scale landings.
    • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges).
    • Motor, servos, ESC and EDF come pre-installed for your convenience.
    • 6 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel radio from our Radio Collection
    • 6 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 6 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
    • 6 Cell 22.2V 4000mAh LiPo Battery with EC5 connector - EPR40006PRO
    • 6 Cell Compatible Battery Charger - Select a minimum 6 cell (6S) charger from our Charger Collection

    Tech Note: As of November 2016, all Ready2Fly products have been integrated into the Freewing Model International brand. The package and manual of this product “may” still reflect the Ready2Fly brand, however, please rest assured you have purchased the proper Freewing product. Also, this model does NOT include a weapons set. This is the Swiss airshow livery which did not utilize weapons. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:

    Wingspan 1500mm / 59in
    Length 1100mm / 43.3in
    Flying Weight 2500g / 88.2oz
    CG (Center of Gravity) See Manual
    Power System 3748-1450kv Brushless Motor
    Electronic Speed Control 130A, 8A UBEC with EC5 connector
    Propeller / EDF 90mm 12-Blade EDF
    Servos 9 x 9g high speed servos
    Landing Gear Nose and main gear have electronic retracts with shock-absorbing aluminum struts
    Required Battery 6S 22.2V 3600-4000mAh 40C LiPo with EC5 connector
    Required Radio 6 Channel
    Ailerons Yes
    Elevator Yes
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps Yes
    Lights Yes
    Hinge Type Nylon hinges
    Material EPO Foam
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 2 Hours
    Recommended Environment Outdoor

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      I have many Freewing jets from MRC ..... the Venom is hands down the best sounding ..... and fly's impeccably...... one of the best foamy EDF's ever made IMO.


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        I was shocked there wasn't an official thread yet! This model was so much fun to fly last weekend. Have to pick one up myself!


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          Just bought one! Can't wait to fly this beautiful bird!


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            You will be very happy. One of the best flying.EDF's out there.

            I haven't flown mine in a while. I need to blow the cobwebs off of it and get it back in the rotation.

            Originally posted by patrick verlinden View Post
            Just bought one! Can't wait to fly this beautiful bird!


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              Pilot Ryan and Captain Mike - my son who won the Venom at Warbirds over Grapevine loves flying it and this was his first EDF! Thank you again for coming to visit us! The Venom has a wide flight envelop so its perfect as a trainer EDF but it is also very fast if needed - lots of fun!