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Official Freewing 64mm F-8 Crusader Thread

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    Put three batteries through mine this morning. One Admiral 1800 and two Zippy Compact 1500's.

    All three flew exactly the same. I can see no difference in speed, climb, stall, trim, etc. between the batteries. Launch at WOT and keep it there until I gather steam, and the back off 3-4 clicks for cruise. Couple of WOT passes, no real aerobatics. My timer was set at 3:30. Admiral came home at 11.3v and 3.77 per cell. Zippy's were 11.1/3.68 and 10.9/3.62 so I need to back my timer down to 3:00 or get out of the throttle more often. I'm storage balancing the batteries now.

    My nose skid mod is working perfectly. One landing was particularly hot (bad) and I actually bounced it on the grass, went airborne again at about a foot off the deck, and came back down. Absolutely zero damage. I really like this plane, and have the hand toss down now. That gray camo works a bit too well with an overcast sky, but my yellow aileron and scoop mod do help with orientation. It's different than a prop planer sure (louder and shorter flights) but it looks killer streaking by!
    I hate that motorcycle they make me ride. I'm here to tell you, there ain't nothing in the world I hate more than that elephant under my ass.

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    • I flew the stock F-8 and it was very good. However, I decided to upgrade the EDF to an FMS 12B, 64mm, outrunner motor. I also added landing gear, rudder and a cheater screen. I'm using a Roaringtop 2600mah, 80C battery moved aft to stay within CG (had to cut some foam - see picture Click image for larger version

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ID:	104614 ). I added a .5 ounce weight to the lower tail. The power output is amazing and I'll fly it soon.


      • Eight landings with no gear, no fins and no skid plates, foam is getting scored. I fly off a pretty smooth dirt runway, but damage was inevitable. Time to add some protection. I wanted skegs like the control horn that FLTRI added to his craft. Went through some spare parts bags, ( $5.00 junk box at a swap meet) and found two Hobbyzone Mini Cub tail assemblies. Plastic insert for joining vertical and horizontal stabs to fuselage looked perfect, minus spikes. Found desired belly clearance, and was about to glue my Eddie Van Halen guitar pick under the intake when I found a bit bigger triangle in the junk drawer that fit even better. Maybe on the next one Eddie.