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F-18 gear install- advice please

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  • F-18 gear install- advice please

    I built this Hornet as a bungee launch/ belly lander 5 years ago and am now of an age where the physical effort required just doesn't appeal any more. My flying site as changed too so gear will be possible. My question for you guys is: in this mock-up the tire's center is 2" behind the C.G.- is this about right or too far aft for proper rotation? I've settled on this non-scale location for the retracts because a) it won't be too difficult to do b) should be strong, with the "pedestal" sitting on that CF spar c) nothing intrudes into the intake area (I'd hate to screw up what is now very good performance) D) cost is ZERO as I had the components on hand (the Scot in me likes that).
    The model has a 44" W.S., is 64" long and weighs (just now) almost 10 lbs.
    So what do you guys think?- any comments welcome!

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    I think every F-18 (or any plane of the same model) will be a bit different and since you built yours, it's going to be different from others. There are several brands, and series of F-18s being sold at the present time. There's the Freewing 90mm, FMS 70mm and both of those companies have a 64mm. Banana Hobby has a couple of examples of F-18s in their brand as well. You should go look at their pictures to see how their retracts are situated to give you an idea of what to do with yours.


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      Actually it was just the fore/ aft position in relation to the C.G. I was asking about. I think the 15 degrees is right but was hoping for confirmation.