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Rudders or not!??!

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  • Rudders or not!??!

    I was wondering if it's worth putting rudders on the FreeWing 64mm F22 Raptor?? I'm gonna get one as my first jet. I'm a ok flyer, but love the hobby/sport. Love two tinker with stuff, hopefully to make them better. The 4s version by the way. I was gonna use their 9g servos, at the forward base of the rudders. Too much weight?? Still learning stuff. But already knee deep in.

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    I honestly don't think you need them on a model of this size. The push rod for the servo should be perpendicular to the control surface which means the servos would have to be embedded in the horizontal stabs like the 90mm F-22. I think you will find there is not enough material thickness to add a rudder servo here. Lastly, you will throw off the CG with too much weight in the rear and you will likely need to add weight to the front making the plane fly heavy. Try it without them. See what you think. If you want to attempt adding them for fun, then go for it but realize there are a few hurdles which may ultimately impossible to overcome.


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      Well.. pushrod setup for twin rudders and a single servo is put the servo forward about 3/4 forward between rudder and CG, then the push-rods going to the rudders will automatically give the differential operation appropriate. The rudder on the inside of the turn will deflect more, pretty close to having the 2 deflections want to track the correct radius circles.

      Turn your car's steering wheel and then go look at the tires, The one to the inside of the turn will be turned more. Same idea.

      I learned this setup long ago with the "TameCat" published in RCM long ago.

      So the servo shouldn't be as far back as indicated by Tom. You only need 1 servo, not 2. I'd put the servo about where the center white diamond is on the F-22. ( pic that comes up first)

      I'd use ball links at the rudder control horns because it will have rotation in 2 axes vs the push-rod. DuBro micro ball links (and thus light pushrods) would be more than adequate for the expected load.


      Is it worth doing? You'd have to find someone who made the modification to that model to know for sure.

      I've done similar modifications to a lot of models and some its been worth doing and others it just added weight.
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        Thanks for your quick replies gentlemen. I'm on MRC almost everyday. I tend to think about things a great deal before doing.(research bla bla bla) I'm still a rookie, just past beginner, but luv it. Went into full throttle dive when I started a little over a year ago, gonna stay in the deep end I guess. I've had 6 planes since, kept 3 so far, F22 4S be #4. Love to build n tinker with them, u both have given me alot to think about. Can't wait to get the plane, it's a beauty!


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          I think too fast some times... Pete n repete n repeat.


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            not needed. Mine was so much fun and never needed it... aside from the steering servo on the ground...
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              Yeah its a matter of taste and how smooth you want the turns to be. Im very dependent on coordinated turns


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                I know this thread is a few months old, but I did the rudder mod on my F-18 64mm and I love it.
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