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Freewing Stinger 64 mm flight time

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  • Freewing Stinger 64 mm flight time

    Hey everyone, a quick question about the stinger 64 and its flight time. What type of flight time should I be expecting from using a 1600 mah 30 C battery that is recommended. I know this jet loves to eat, and I am just wondering if the 5 minutes of flight time I am experiencing is about the normal? And if I upgrade battery what size should I go to and how much more flight time can I expect. Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

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    Re: Freewing Stinger 64 mm flight time

    That flight time on a 1600mah is perfectly normal. I fly my Freewing 64mm EDFs with a 1800mah and I get about 5 to 6 min depending on how hard I run the throttle. I know of a few people who put 2200mah in the stinger for increased time, and I believe they are getting a solid 7-8 min.



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      Re: Freewing Stinger 64 mm flight time

      Thanks Mark!! This being my first jet I knew the fly times were shorter, just wanted to make sure it was the norm and what to expect if I increased to 2200.


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        Re: Freewing Stinger 64 mm flight time

        I fly mine for 6:30 minutes on the 3 cell EnrichPower 2200 30c. Pack comes down at 3.8-3.82 per cell after "spirited" flight...mostly low fast passes and climbouts, with power off returns on the downwind leg. 7-8 minutes is definitely possible with mixed flight, and the Stinger doesn't mind the added weight of the 2200mah. Just adjust your lipo position to make CG.


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          RE: Freewing Stinger 64 mm flight time

          I get 4min out of the 2200 4s