2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Silver

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Official Freewing Twin 80mm F-14D Tomcat Thread

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  • The stock wheels have got to go. Theyíre definitely way too heavy. My first flight yesterday was all stock except I tightened the wheels. My flights today were remarkably improved after I installed the nose and main wheels from my F-4 Phantom. You can reduce the weight by about three ounces just by swapping wheels. The softer material also increases rolling resistance which reduces landing distance. Also when the strut is compressed it rubs against the wheel slightly for braking action! My F-14 doesnít start rolling until about 20% throttle. Takeoff and landing distance is about 150 ft. The stock power system is great. Iím curious if my A-10 Warthog power system would be an improvement. Iíll post videos soon. Note: The F-4 Phantom main wheels are larger than the F-14 though they still fit in the wheel well.

    Click image for larger version

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    • I wanted to dirty this kitty up a bit more. I think it turned out pretty nasty. In a good way.


      • Flights 2-4 using the wheels from my F-4 Phantom.


        • Good tip, RuthR720, thanks for sharing!

          RCfiddy1, the dirtier the Tomcat, the better.


          • Rcfiddy1 nothing like a dirty Tomcat. Looks great!


            • Originally posted by Bajora View Post
              Justin Koenig's seriously sweet F-14 ... I tip my hat to Justin, who flew this yesterday with full armaments of a standard sized running track. Nicely flown Justin!

              Is it bothering anyone else that the port side navy star is upside down? One of those "once you see it..." things.

              VF-84 is the *only* way to go with an F-14 scheme. Beautiful.


              • Hi Cdavis11, welcome to Hobby Squawk! Aside from the insignia's position, I ribbed Bajora for the ventral fins, which are reversed. But yes, VF-84 is gorgeous for a Tomcat, probably the Titular Tomcat livery. I love Bajora's photos that capture the aggression of those Jolly Rogers markings.