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Official Freewing Twin 80mm/90mm A-10 Thunderbolt II Thread

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  • Check the backside of the connector in the wing.


    • I checked the wiring last night and verified it with the manual, as far as i can tell it is plugged into the right place, I also checked the ribbon cable, I was thinking the Circuit board is soldered incorrectly. I will use a y connection for now until I can figure this out.


      • Guy's i explained this Flap problem to Motion RC and they sent me a complete electronic board package, I will keep you updated.
        Motion RC A+++++++++ fast reply and resolution.


        • Hey all,

          I decided to upload my cockpit set STL files to Cults3D for anyone who owns a printer and would want to 3DPUP their cockpits with a new gator-proof office.

          Link to the web-page. Download is listed at $20:

          Note: Cults3D takes a 20% commission (4$) for each download. If you would prefer to purchase the files directly to show support, you can PM me and purchase the files directly. This method I would email you a zip file.