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Official Freewing 70mm F-35 V3 (2019 Version) Thread

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  • Official Freewing 70mm F-35 V3 (2019 Version) Thread

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    Shipment on the water.... Pre-Order now!

    Motion RC and Freewing are excited to announce our all-new 2019 F-35 Lightning II! To bring this model fully into the modern EDF era, we started from the ground up and redesigned a completely new mold for Freewing's most popular 70mm jet over the past decade. Now powered by an inrunner motor and 12 blade 70mm EDF, the 2019 F-35 is larger, faster, more accurate, more powerful, and more easy to fly than Freewing's older 2010 version. Fly into 2020 with the best foam electric F-35 in the world!

    The exterior shape of the model features the highest level of scale fidelity of any electric F-35 on the market. A correct nose shape, tail group, sharpened stealthy facets, and the telltale RAM paneling throughout the aircraft are all precisely modeled. Thin and shallow panel lines, a very intricate paint job with over 15 paint molds, and multi-color factory-applied decals combine to create a very realistic effect. Even the facted EOTS sensor under the removable magnetic nose cone is recreated in tinted plastic. Our all-new 2019 Freewing 70mm F-35 Lightning II proudly wears the tail flash of EF-01, the first F-35, to commemorate the men and women who continue to operate EF-01 at Edwards Air Force Base in California to this day.

    For pilots wanting to fly a modern generation aircraft with similar flight characteristics to our popular Freewing 90mm F-22 but at significantly lower operating cost, the Freewing 70mm F-35 is an excellent choice. Having gathered feedback from many customers about Freewing's nine year old F-35, we improved all major components of the aircraft. First, the model is made of EPO instead of EPS foam. Second, it is slightly larger, features a stronger power system, and incorporates a wing spar and detachable wings, compared to the old model which was small, 4s powered, and didn't have a wing spar for its glue-on wings. Third, we relocated the battery hatch to the top of the aircraft to give easy access in a generously sized battery bay to modern receivers, gyros, and flight battery. Say goodbye to frustratingly undersized plastic hatches under the fuselage. Third, the model features a no-glue assembly, and all flying surfaces attach via screws for easy transport, servicing, and replacement.

    The all-new 2019 Freewing 70mm F-35 Lightning II also incorporates two important functional improvements. To provide reliable grass operation, this model includes pre-installed electric landing gear with aluminum suspension struts. Oleo mains and a trailing-link nose help absorb the shock of rough landings or taxing through uneven grass. And secondly, the full flying horizontal stabilizers feature an integrated plastic-to-plastic hinge joint that is durable to withstand 100+mph speeds. Older F-35s were known were weak landing gear and weak elevators, so both of these areas were completely redesigned to deliver the level of performance our customers expect from our EDFs in these modern times.

    Optimized as a modern 70mm jet trainer, this model is ideal for pilots wanting to step into the world of EDF jets and learn essential skills before they advance into larger aircraft in our 80mm and 90mm series. Learn coordinated turns with the rudders and ailerons, get used to throttle management throughout the aircraft's full acrobatic flight envelope, and practice perfect landings on the suspension struts. One of the advantages of the F-35's 6s power system and larger size is that it uses the same 6s 4000mAh or 6s 5000mAh batteries that our 80mm and 90mm EDFs use, so those batteries can remain in your fleet and be shared across many model aircraft. The F-35's inrunner power system is efficient enough for 4-5 minutes of mixed throttle flight, and powerful enough for fast speeds and confident takeoff from short grass runways. While sporting the outline of the real stealthy F-35, our model is still optimized aerodynamically to land as easily as any of our other recent EDF jets.

    Scale, Performance, Value: Look forward to the future with the all-new 2019 Freewing 70mm F-35 Lightning II from Motion RC!
    • NEW! 2957-2210kV brushless inrunner motor combined with 80A ESC with EC5 Connector
    • NEW! 12-blade EDF with brushless 80 Amp ESC
    • NEW! Accepts 6S 4000-5000 mAh LiPo
    • NEW! An all new higher scale quality EPO foam mold
    • NEW! Updated livery, new decal process, scale panel lines and plastic scale surface details
    • NEW! Carbon spars throughout for increased structural reinforcement and support
    • NEW! Quality 9g digital metal gear servos throughout
    • NEW! Aluminum suspension struts
    • NEW! Top-loading battery bay
    • NEW! No-glue assembly
    • NEW! Screw-on wings, rudders, and elevators
    • NEW! Removable magnetic plastic-tipped nose cone
    • NEW! Reinforced elevator hinges
    • NEW! Factory-Applied Multi-Color Decals and Paintjob commemorating the renowned aircraft "EF-01" based at Edwards AFB
    • Electric retractable landing gear
    • Super scale features including Joint Strike Fighter graphics, hand painted pilot figure, detailed cockpit, and independently controlled elevators
    • Shock-absorbing, grass-capable, steerable trailing link nose gear will protect the plane on hard landings and make it easier to maneuver during taxi and takeoff
    • Strong, nylon hinges installed on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)

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    Product Video:

    Flight Video, one of several:

    Grass Ops video with James on the controls, who has just over one year of EDF experience to show the ease of operating this bird:

    Livestream from Joe Nall 5/14/2019 with George, Steve, Jeremy and other fellow Hobby Squawk friends at Nall:

    Build Video of this screw-together model:



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      Reserved for build video and flight videos


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        My new favorite 70mm. It's like a smaller 80mm sized jet, but fast, with the wide flight characteristics of the 90mm F-22 for those of you who are fans of that bird, at the lower price point and operating cost of not-90mms, plus the speed of an inrunner, the durability of suspension struts, and all the modern tweaks we've implemented over the past few years.

        I'm especially proud of the RAM paneling and multi-tonal decals on this bird. We've brought 90mm F-22 techniques to the 70mm class since we know not everyone wants to or has the space/budget to operate the Raptor.

        Click image for larger version

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          James and the Squawkers at Nall will be passing around two F-35s at Joe Nall in a few hours.... some guys have all the fun!

          Reserved for video.


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            Great to see the F-35 2019 version now public, you guys are sure to enjoy it, looks good Alpha. F-35 is of personal interest for me as the RAF's 617 Sqn (aka the Dam Busters) is now based out of RAF Marham in England, which is very close to my childhood home. We have the bombing range (RAF Holbeach) just down the road from the house (and right behind my old school, made concentrating in class a little difficult ;)), meaning growing up in this area, you could always see RAF and USAF fighters training overhead, really a great place to grow up if you love planes. Over the years I've seen many types fly overhead that have now been phased out of service (Buccaneer, Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado, Vulcan, Canberra, Chipmunk, Bulldog) along with the very familiar site of US F-15's out of Lakenheath and RAF and USAF C-130 transports, and now when I go back to the UK next month, I can't wait to see the F-35 over my parents house along with the Eurofighter we've had for a few years now.

            If its of interest, here's a video of a recent training flight departing RAF Marham:

            Alpha, I think I'm going to need one without the decals applied for the making of an RAF version ;)



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              Looks awesome, great work Alpha! A monumental scale improvement over the old version, this will definitely be on my list! One question, are the main retracts twist and turn like the full scale? Curious if I could squeeze in some larger tires on the mains.


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                Super sweet looking 70, Alpha ... nicely done!


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                  Nicely done and with good looking gear instead of wire struts


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                    Alpha, I doubt I'll be the last to chime in on this point. The F-35 is, or is going to be, in use with many, many air forces around the world. WHY, WHY, WHY in the world are you making this with the US Markings, Flags down the side, and specific unit graphics on the Rudders FACTORY APPLIED???

                    I think you should sell it with all the "detail" decals (i.e. stealth zig-zags, etc.), but leave the rest to the modeler. There are going to be many national markings options for this model. I'm not asking for a "basic gray" version -- just the exact same thing without the national markings pre-applied. Personally I do not like the red/blue rudder graphics at all, and they'd be the first to go. But getting rid of the dumb flags on the fuselage would be real PITA without messing up what I'm sure is a beautiful paint job.

                    I own and love the F-22, which is truly the state of the art for model finishes, and I get why that one was complete with all markings -- the only thing that can change is the two-letter rudder code.

                    I kind of think FW isn't hearing many of us on this subject -- the new FA-18 hornet was going to be Blue Angels only, until enough of us said basic gray or not at all.

                    I'd really like to buy this new F-35, because I think it'll fit in my trunk when my back seat is occupied by the wonderful FW 1600mm F4U-1. (I can't bring that AND the F-22 too easily at the same time!!!)

                    All that said, this looks like another winner and continued excellent industrial design work on your part!!!


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                      Where's the button???? ;):Cool::Cool::Cool:


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                        An excellent rendition:Cool:


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                          I agree Smoothie, its definitely preferred to keep the distinct markings unapplied. Also, just took a look at the build video, and looks like the gear is normal 90 degree, and moved inboard. I still have the gear that I modded in the LX, so I may try to do a scale location and gear door mod at the wing root like I did on the LX bird:


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                            Now this I am pretty excited about! The 70mm planes have come so far!! And there is an inrunner with alloy oleo gear standard!! Very well done!! And just as the real bird it is representing all of the nations that are responsible for getting it in the air! I am lucky enough to have the new C models fly over my place regularly and just last week had the Marines come over with 4 of their B models as well! They didn't hover but it was still really cool to see them come over!! I think that the Navy C model would be worth a try as well since it has the bigger wing! But hey I really like this one and plan to put it on my list! This is also a great candidate for my new LED Afterburners as well! Once I have one it will be gleaming bright out of the exhaust just like the real one does! One of the loudest and most impressive sounding birds out there right now!!! Well done Motion RC... Well done!!!
                            Check me out on youtube at

                            I am an RC addict and innovator. Ask me anything via PM if you need help!


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                              Ordered!!! They fly over our house here too. We are about 30 miles west of Lockheed in Fort Worth... Very loud!!! ;):)


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                                Originally posted by gooniac33 View Post
                                Now this I am pretty excited about!
                                Same! Ive been waiting for a new 70mm release for a while. Was hoping for TV on this one, but I'm guessing the same design/flight ideology of the F22 was cloned for this model.


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                                  Pilots are calling the F35A "Panther" .much cooler than Lightning II


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                                    I like this one :Cool:


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                                      Originally posted by Dirty Dee View Post

                                      Same! Ive been waiting for a new 70mm release for a while. Was hoping for TV on this one, but I'm guessing the same design/flight ideology of the F22 was cloned for this model.
                                      I am really glad that they left it off! I don't care for it. I want them to fly scale and not flopping around like a fish...LOL I know its all about personal preference but that just isn't mine... I want that tail slide... just like the demo team is doing now! I can get my 70mm F-16 to do it... I think with the full flying tail, lots of throw and just slightly nose heavy will get it to do that just wonderfully! Can't wait to try it!!
                                      Check me out on youtube at

                                      I am an RC addict and innovator. Ask me anything via PM if you need help!


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                                        Awesome! Thank you Alpha