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freewing 70mm f16 motor upgrades

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  • freewing 70mm f16 motor upgrades

    Anyone here have some insight on what a good power system upgrade would be for this bird. Looking for that turbine sound plus more power. Hoping to keep it in the 4s range no more than 2600mah

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    Re: freewing 70mm f16 motor upgrades

    I'm assuming you have the current stock system?

    - 45A ESC
    - 3000kv motor
    - 6-blade fan

    I would say your at the limit of the ESC with the current setup, so if you go to a higher fan blade for that "whoosh" turbine sound then your amp's are going to increase over 45A's. A 10-12 blade fan would get you that sound, but a 70-80A ESC would be required. Higher fan blade count provides more thrust as well.

    If you want more power (speed) but want to stay with 4s, then an aftermarket 3500kv motor or more would be needed. Again, the 45A ESC would probably need to be replaced with something about 60A. is a great source for modification questions.
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      Re: freewing 70mm f16 motor upgrades

      That one of my favorite jets I had mine for years I used a Het 2W 3s motor I think it was 4600kv but I used 4s lol motor bit it after. I own edfhobbies now I would use a 3300kv lander motor and a 10B CS V3 it sound good and have great performance..