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Any chance??

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  • Any chance??

    Howdy - saw this forum and just had to throw a request in here :). Dynam makes some really nice airframes, but it seems they're getting harder to come by - for reasons I can't figure.

    The Dynam Meteor is a great Habu alternative; flies great, looks great, and would be a wonderful sport jet add to your neat lineup. And.... the Dynam F-16 is a fantastic flyer, made of EPO and very durable, a great little 64mm jet. I know you have an F-16 in the line already, one that looks really gorgeous and scale; the Dynam is equally gorgeous, with a grace and beauty of its' own, and flying manners that can't be beat.

    Anyway. Thanks much for an opportunity to get my wishlist out. You guys are great - now, we'll keep up our end with you too!

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    Re: Any chance??

    ''Hey Pikestaff'', I don't work for Motion R/C, ''I'am a customer also,like you'', and was wondering if you read the request thread for the Dynam Tempest. We the cutomers are sending emails to Dynam,to try and get them to consider Motion R/C as a supplier. ''Check out the thread,and please send Dynam an email''...Thanx, I74 <smiley image="smiley_good.gif"/>