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Flappin' Help!?

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  • Flappin' Help!?

    Newby, sort of. I just purchased an ARROWS T-28 1100mm, an Admiral RX600SP, and I'm going to use my Spectrum DX6E radio. I have everything set up and ready to go. I have the flaps set on a 3 position switch for 0-50-100 percent. I wanted to know if the DX6E will allow me to slow them down a bit? If so, a little advice on how? While I'm checking it's manual. Does anyone know if Captain Mike has flown his yet? I was already looking for a 1100 to 1200mm plane that had retracts n flaps, good quality, easy to fly, for about $180. It was either Durafly T-28 or Dynam P-51. I love the blue T-28, but don't trust HK with my money. (too many bad reveiws on HK, not the planes) Then l heard about Arrows thru Captain Mike, and went with the because they sell thru HobbyZone.

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    Hey Ultimate, give this a shot:


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      The DXe and the DX6E are different radios. Not sure if the setup is the same.
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        The DX6e is like the cheaper version of the DX6. Similar TX but a few less features. However, the programming for flaps and flap speed should be the same.
        The 3-pos switch for flaps at 0-50-100% is by default and won’t let you “zero” the flaps or set speed. You must tell the TX what wing type you have. In this case, you must tell it that you have “1 AIL, 1 Flap” type of wing in the primary menu. That opens up the flap menu in the secondary model menu and that’s where you can do things like zeroing out the flaps and selecting % other than just 0, 50, 100. That’s where you can select which switch to use for flaps and the speed.
        For learning how to use the features of this TX, it’s best to find someone at the field you fly at to give you “hands on” help. Next, you should be figuring out how to dial in “rates” and “expo” to help you fly with more control and confidence.


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          You may have to reverse several channels including flaps, For some reason Admirals RX’s always seem to be backwards, maybe just my installs. But even my Carbon Cub was all reversed from the Spektrum I replaced.
          I have the DX6 not the e version and if they have the same programming, xviper is correct.
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            Thanks Xviper and to everyone. I'll check it out and make ajustments, and let everyone know how it goes!!