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MotionRC please foward this request to FMS

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  • MotionRC please foward this request to FMS

    For Mark or Tom:

    IF possible can you send this email request from your customer to the FMS sales division or your FMS contact

    "FMS makes really good RC planes and has a large variety of WW2 planes, modern jet fighters. civilian planes, trainers etc. There is one area that is totally absent from the FMS products lineup. That is World War 1 era aircraft. There are almost no large scale EPO foam WW1 biplanes in the RC industry. I would think that FMS would generate good sales by getting those great looking early war birds on the market. We have enough versions of P-51’s. FMS please consider making some 1200 to 1400 mm size war birds such as the Spad 13s, SE 5a, Fokker D7, Albatross D5a, Sopwith Camel, Nieuport 28 and other great fighters from the “Great War” .

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    Re: MotionRC please foward this request to FMS

    I agree. It would be a good direction since a lot of folks (like Me) that love to fly WW1 warbirds. I have several already but I am always willing to add another plane to my hangar!!


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      Re: MotionRC please foward this request to FMS

      We will pass this on to FMS. As always keep the suggestions coming.