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Should I buy a "beginner" EDF?

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  • Should I buy a "beginner" EDF?

    Been flying RC for ages but started with EDFs recently. I started with the Flex jet then the 90 mm F-22 Raptor and onto the 80 mm L-39. All great flying jets. I'm now interested in the Avanti S 80 mm EDF. I saw one fly at the Jolly Good fly in and really liked how it flew.
    It's classified as a beginners EDF but should that matter?

    Your opinions please.


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    If you like it, can afford it, and from my POV all ready have the batteries for it, get it. Most of my planes are classified as "beginner", but that's because I live in a place that has winter, and for about 6 months out of the year the access road to the airfield is closed by the county, so I almost have to start from scratch each year. And you don't have to be "Mavrick" every time you go to the field.


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      The Avanti is a great flying EDF. The reason it's mentioned to be a beginner jet is that it has a light wing loading and a wide flight envelope. It also has grass friendly gear, which opens the door for more aspiring EDF pilots. Therefore, it would be more beginner friendly than many heavier loaded jets.
      Advanced flyers can have a lot of fun with the Avanti as it can be flown anywhere from a low speed floater to high speed and fully aerobatic. It's no slouch for sure.
      If you are enjoying the ones you mentioned, the Avanti will put a smile on your face as well.