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Water transfer decals

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  • Water transfer decals

    If anyone has there water transfer decal sheet left over from the 1700 mm P-47 that isnt planning on using it, let me know and we can maybe work something out. A new decal set does not come with them apparently. The decals I am talking about are the ones that say step here, or no step, jack here, etc. etc. The ones that I am hoping 90% of the people do not even use. If anyone from motion has any idea where I can find them at, let me know. Thanks!

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    Re: Water transfer decals

    Saw some at Pyramid Models the other day:

    But perhaps best bet is have your own custom-made. Decal-It can make about anything you want down to ~1/8" tall lettering -- give them a look, & I'm sure there are many others.


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      Re: Water transfer decals

      I spent three hours the day I posted this google searching and everything and I finaly found it today, thanks for your input I did in fact find some nice hamilton standard prop stickers that are hopefully better than the major decals sold by towerhobbies..those things will not stay on any of my nitro planes.



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        Re: Water transfer decals

        Sweartagawd I bookmarked that very page about 2 weeks ago, went looking for it to reply & it's 'poofed'!
        Glad you found Tailies....that was my first choice. (& bet yer bippy it's firmly bookmarked NOW!) **
        Oh, and.....the prop stickers is what first brought me there too. <smiley image="smiley_happy.gif"/>