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How to replace motor in FSM Easy Trainer 800

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  • How to replace motor in FSM Easy Trainer 800

    Tried to replace the motor by removing the set screw visible through the top of the fuselage as well as disconnecting the three wires. However the motor will not pull free.
    I pulled so hard the prop came off so then I used visegrips on the prop shaft and was pulling hard enough for the motor mount to move in the fuselage.

    Any thoughts on how I can get the motor to break free of the mount?

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    Re: How to replace motor in FSM Easy Trainer 800

    Figured it out although not what Bannana Hobby had told me. They said the motor pulls out easily with the set screw removed from the top of the motor mount. NOT SO.....

    I cut the fuselage in half all around the motor area and pried open the foam so that the motor and motor mount could be pulled out the top
    Turns out there is a second set screw on the bottom of the motor housing. No access hole is provided for that screw like the one on top.
    So there is no way to pull out the motor unless you cut open the fuselage like I did

    I left the bottom set screw out since one screw holds the motor completely. Now I can remove the motor without cutting the foam next time. Wonder why the factory doesn't do it this way.