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Intermediate Rc Propeller Sport Plane

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  • Intermediate Rc Propeller Sport Plane

    Hey, I got into the RC Airplane Hobby about 2 years ago and have had an Apprentice s !5e since then. I've been looking for a second airplane ever since I got bored with the 15e. I am able to fly in unassisted mode and have learned to do rolls, loops and inverted flying. I am looking for a more advanced plane. I've tried a few low wind sport planes and have seem to like them better. I'd like to keep it in the $400-$500 range. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction of what plane to get next. Size doesn't matter to me, nor does fuel source. Any ideas?

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    Eflite sukhoi SU 29mm 1100mm is what your looking for. I have had the older HH parkzone sukhoi su29mm since its release (3yrs?)and love it. The stabilization is spot on. 3s batts. Low rates its very docile. High rates agressive. Short takeoff, lands slow(probably not as forgiving as your apprentice but close) you do have to have some throttle on touchdown or it will stall and pancake. I have bought quite a few props because if this. I have never got bored with this one. The new one is under eflite brand now and i think even has panic recovery. Mine has a mode where you released the sticks and it would recover. Hate that feature. Impractical. Quit using it the first flight.
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