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Question for Alpha about Freewing/Flightline Retracts

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  • Question for Alpha about Freewing/Flightline Retracts

    This question is for Alpha, although anybody can respond, but please, only if you actually know the answer (as, you've taken the unit apart and looked). Thanks!!!!

    Alpha, I'm working on an Aeronaut (older, NIB) F9F Panther and I'm thinking about adding retracts. The mains only travel 60 degrees on this due to the blended fuselage cross section and air duct location. Guys have used pneumatic retracts for years to deal with this.

    I've heard that some new retracts have done away with the end-point microswitches entirely and rely on current-sensing to determine stop points. I know for a fact that the retract unit that FMS uses in the 1500mm P-47 and 1500mm A-10 has only ONE microswitch which is activated on the gear retracted side of the worm gear. That particular unit will stop easily at any point up or down, if impeded, and then do the "half-turn" back-off. I know all of this because I took one apart after I suspected it uses current-sensing -- in the P-47 you only need 85 degrees of travel but in the A-10 you need 90 degrees -- and same part is used in both.

    My question -- I really like using Freewing components in my projects where I need servos, retracts, etc. as I've found them to be very reliable, obtainable, and affordable.

    Do any of the Freewing retracts for medium-sized EDFs do away with the microswitches and instead use current-sensing to stop? The Aeronaut Panther is a 90mm EDF, but it's only 1090mm wingspan and not a lot of room in the wing root where the retract would mount, so the big FMS retracts are out (not to mention, they are quite pricey).

    Thanks for your time. I'm enjoying the T-33 very much and still thinking a lot about trying a P-80 conversion. It's been a long time since you've had a large warbird (Flightline) release -- can't wait to see what's happening next. I hope this whole Coronavirus thing doesn't effectively "shut down" our hobby for any length of time.