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1400mm P-51 Loose/Slop in Retractable Gear

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  • 1400mm P-51 Loose/Slop in Retractable Gear

    Hello All,

    Just received my much anticipated "Petie 2nd" V7 P-51 for Christmas! Kudos to my wife!

    To the point, I had small crash on her maiden.... Embarrassing, I know. When I say "small", I mean that the only damaged was a cracked wingtip (did not separate), 3 of 4 prop breaks, a damaged spinner, and 1 broken faring door. Retracts still work great, but I need to realign the main gear struts.

    Here's my issue. I feel like the main gear struts have a lot of slop in them. I don't remember how much slop was in the gear when I put it together, but it seems worst after the crash (duh, right?). My question to you all is, do you all have slop in your main gear? Not just side-to-side, but also forward-to-back? Also the gear with the still attach faring door feels more rigid. Do you guys think that the faring door and the tiny little metal rod attaching it to the gear add stability (even) a little?

    I can't see any damage anywhere in the main gears and retracts/sequencing doors work great still. So, to sum it all up:

    * Does anyone else seem to be experiencing slop in their main gears? If so, how much?
    * If this is not normal, any suggestions on how to fix this? Not including clicking the "add to cart" icon online?

    Thanks in advance to all! Love FMS products; very impressed with the scale appearance and performance!


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    Re: 1400mm P-51 Loose/Slop in Retractable Gear

    I have a v7 redtail and I have a little slop. As you said my retracts work just fine. Putting a little blue loctite on the set screws on the gear legs & making sure they are tight may help a little as well. Just a fyi, the 4 tiny screws in the retracts will loosen & possibly come out & I was advised by MRC to put some loctite on them. (Blue), hope this helps, good flying !