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What did you fly today?

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    Mine is the Freewing PJ50 (right). My buddy's is the X-Fly J65 (left). I helped him set up his J65 with a Safe Select RX. After fiddling with the Pulsar gyro, he couldn't get it work and gave it to me. I'll play with it and test it in another plane. Now he doesn't have a steering gyro while mine has the Assan. The PJ also has a Safe Select RX and flies like it's on rails. I helped my friend maiden his J65 by standing beside him and working the trims as he called it out. The J65 also flew like it was on rails. However, because the J65 weighs about 800g more than the PJ, the PJ seemed somewhat faster, while the j65 flew "heavy" and landed very heavy and fast. My friend always thought the J65 would have reverse as he's seen mine stop short with its reverse. He ran off the end of the runway every time but did only minor damage to the nose gear. In the air, you can't tell one plane from the other. Both look great. Both sound more or less the same. He may not keep his J65. Mine's a keeper for at least a few years or until I crash it.