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suggestions how to attach my new prop to the prop adapter

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  • suggestions how to attach my new prop to the prop adapter

    Just received the APC 10 x 8 electric prop. I want to attach it to my Parkzone F4U-1A Corsair. The APC prop hub is a bit narrower than the prop that came with the airplane and will not fit onto the prop adapter. The APC prop came with a bunch of little o-ring plastic pieces which I assume are meant to attach the prop to different prop adapters. My problems is that all of the o-rings would further narrow an all ready too-narrow prop hub. I need to widen the APC prop hub. I am looking for suggestions how to attach the APC prop.

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    You need to use a prop reamer or a step drill to make the hole larger.


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      Yup, punch the hole out a little


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        I see MRC has a standard and a metric. Anyway to tell which one I need? And how do you use it ?


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          Most people have a drill with a bunch of bits. Do you have a micrometer? Simply measure the diameter of the prop adapter. It doesn't matter whether you have a metric or "standard" micrometer. Note the measurement and go measure your drill bits and get the one that is closest to the measurement of the adapter shaft. Now, go and drill out the prop. Balance before installing it.


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            I took the APC prop to the local hobby shop. The owner reamed it right there on the spot, no charge. Of course I purchased some epoxy and ca glue and oh yeah, a Great Planes prop reamer.