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FW P-51 Old Crow

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    Oh, BTW, my Old Crow is not the one that Motion is offering. Mine is an Iron Ass version that came with a 580kv, which was adequate but not substantial. We also sit at 5000 feet above sea level, so that comes into play as well, especially in Summer. The 650kv really helps as well as the zip tie mod. Mine has the original sound system, when Old Crow was introduced, it had an upgraded sound system which didn't require a separate battery.
    The new Old Crow, for lack of a better term, has an upgraded power plant/ESC and comes with a two blade prop, you have the option of purchasing a four blade spinner/prop system that is, essentially, the original Iron Ass prop/spinner with the Old Crow paint scheme, separately. I'm sure some of the guys are flying theirs with the four blade prop, maybe they'll share some info.
    Lon replaced his stock ESC in his Iron Ass version and kept the stock 580kv and ran 5s with it and it performs great from what I remember.
    I replaced my stock system with a 650kv and a 85A Mantis ESC but still have to keep a 1300 2s battery upfront to get the CG right (had lots left over from Ol' Weed wacker)
    With My Little Gal I and II (both Iron Ass versions), they had no sound system and were lighter. Again the 580 was ok, but the 650 was better.
    I personally haven't seen the new Old Crow fly but Mike and Ryan thought it was great, so, since I trust their judgement on this, give it a try stock with either preference for a prop(2 or 4 blade) before doing anything, I'm sure from what I've heard, it is definitely not underpowered.
    My poor Old Crow flies pretty good with the 650kv, but what I don't like is the dead weight sound system battery, which I could conceivably eliminate with a heavier 6s battery ( I don't use the sound system as it sound like a great big fart to me!!)
    I've seen CB's P-40 with the 6s system out of the FMS P-47, and man, it's almost better than sex!So, much so that I bought Ryan's 6s system from his crashed P-47 and put it in my P-40.
    So, I figure the same system in the P-51 would rock!!

    Hope that clears it up.

    Team Gross!


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        Yup I gotta get me one of those!


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          Old Crow was delivered yesterday in perfect shape. Looks great right out of the box. Looked over and all seems perfect, couldn't find any flaws. Was surprised to see all the decals were already applied.
          I couldn't get the sliding canopy to open and briefly looked over the manual and didn't see anything about how to open it. If someone could enlighten me on how it works I would appreciate it.
          Worked 12 hours yesterday so that is as far as I got. Back in for 12 more today and tomorrow so she won't get much attention.
          I also ordered the sound system for it and was a little shocked at the weight of the speakers. Not sure I am going to use the system in this plane. Also it has plastic grills on the bottom of the plane to mount the speakers, I thought they were suppose to mount to the sides of the fuse for the proper sound effects. I read where someone said theirs sounded like a fart, lol, just wondering if mounting to the plastic grills instead of the fuse sides were the reason for that.
          Anyway, if this bird flies as good as she looks, I will be thrilled, sound or no sound!!!


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            Hey Tom, that was me!
            With the Iron Ass version, the plastic grilsl are held on with four screws, remove it and you can see the speaker, or the speaker cavity depending on whether it came with the stock sound system or not.
            The stock sound system (Iron Ass version) doesn't 'sound' like a Merlin to me, but with the MRC sound system or the Aspire sound system, they may have more realistic renditions.
            I believe its the
            Aspire system that uses the plane itself as a speaker so the sound would not be so directional. A few of the guys went this route, maybe check back on the original posts on this thread.
            All in all, a good plane (Iron Ass version) and with the updated power system, it should meet all your expectations
            The landing gear hard points on the wings are a weak point and you might want to reseat the retract to the strut with some Foam-Tac, they have a habit of backing off sometimes.
            Also, I'd suggest that you use a diversity receiver with a satellite antennae, give yourself all the insurance you can.
            I put the invasion stripes on mine, even though Bud was still flying his B model on June 6, I like the extra visual.
            Funny thing was that he mentioned that the airplanes paint scheme changed from week to week as a bunch of 20 year olds with 'hotrods' were prone to do. He was positive that the D model, for instance, didn't have white wall tires until his son found a picture of her with them!
            So a certain amount of liberty can be taken.

            Click image for larger version

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            Team Gross!


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              Thanks for the info Grossman!
              Got the canopy figured out, you just have to pull rearward hard enough and it will open. Saw it on the video from Motion.
              Could you give me some more info on this diversity receiver with the satellite.
              Why do you recommend use of a satellite on this plane or do you use them on all your electrics.
              I fly with a new Spektrum 8 channel Xmitter using the Spektrum $39 6 ch receivers in all my planes.
              I lost 2 planes last year due to no control. The Prometheus Bipe was flying straight and level coming straight down the runway when it just decided to do a barrel roll right into the ground. Radio had no control of the plane. The second one, my first Avanti, after numerous flights with no problems got what I call bumped after which I had full control of when it decided to roll upside down and dive inverted into the ground.
              I use this radio in everything I fly, some of which have to many flights to count, the small ones I fly at home, without so much of a bump or twitch, which leads me to believe the radio xmitter is not at fault.
              I know a lot of guys on here seem to prefer the Lemon receivers, and also hear good things about the Admiral receivers.
              Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
              I also saw a new posting here on HS related to receivers. I am going to post this there also as it will probably get a little more attention...


              PS... Boots, I been looking for a post from you regarding your Old Crow. Just wondering if you received it and what you thought...


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                Personally, I use a 7 channel Spectrum receiver with a satellite antennae on my Old Crow, but recently have switched to Lemon (Admiral on Motion RC) receivers as I've lost two Freewing Airplanes with the same Spektrum Receiver. Tom was saying that he uses nothing but diversity receivers and I thought that was good advice as an blurps in the signal are covered with a diversity system. Back in the old days of Rock Bands, I used a diversity wireless system and there was no interference so logic would tell me that I can expect the same in this situation. Just rings true to me. I use an Amazon Visa and found I had built up enough points to get my receivers for free, so guess which route I go!!
                Just make sure that the aerials run 90 degrees to each other. Call it extra insurance.

                BTW, I was going to mention that the canopy is pretty stiff!
                Team Gross!


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                  PS... Boots, I been looking for a post from you regarding your Old Crow. Just wondering if you received it and what you thought...

                  I had the Old Crow delivered to my parents as I was going to be there over the weekend, Iíve been working a lot of hours and was able to give it a quick look. It was received with no damage, as per usual ( thank you Motion! ).
                  It is a beautiful model, I assembled it, without actually screwing it together. My Dad and Mom said WOW, it really is impressive. I gave a tug on the canopy to see if it would open. It looks like there is a lot of foam around the inside where it should slide. I didnít force it, I know itís supposed to open, Iíll do it later!
                  My critical eyes can clearly see that FreeWing strayed from scale to install the hoaky sound system. Clearly a techie fad imo. You have a sound system, and you design an icon, THE icon fighter, around said sound system. You fattened the P-51D and put speaker grills in its nose and radiator to accommodate a fad sound system. That being said, most wonít notice the increased girth, I can fill in the grills, and I can and will live with it. After all, its the Cadillac of the sky for crying out loud!



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                    Yeah you really notice the wider fuse when its sitting beside the FMS P51!
                    But somehow, your eyes keep bouncing back and forth to decide which appears more scale.
                    One day, maybe, they'll give us the best of all worlds. A P-51 in the 1600-2000 range with a pre-installed Aspire sound system with the Merlin sound with start up, shut down and machine guns, 3D printable cockpit details and a sliding canopy that works off a servo!!

                    Awww to dream.......
                    Now, I'll get all the "There's already enough Mustangs out there" comments, brace yourself.
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	animated-aeroplane-image-0153.gif Views:	8 Size:	41.4 KB ID:	117884
                    Team Gross!


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                      Yes sir, a larger P-51 in what they call " Super Scale " with all the details and power for serious speed. Put me down for two of them bad boys!!!


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                        Team Gross!


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                          There's already enough mustangs out there. but seriously I would love the technological updates and size suggested. No question