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Eflite Timber X

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  • Eflite Timber X

    My new Timber X arrived yesterday and today it got its maiden. This is the first Timber I've had, and I'm overly impressed. Packaging was great, assembly was super simple, and took less than 10min. Included in the kit are two reinforcements for the horizontal, one carbon, one steel. It says in the manual to use the carbon rod for 3S and the steel rod for 4S. I opted for the steel, though I highly doubt that the carbon rod wouldnt be sufficient for either. The metal geared servos are silky smooth and quiet. There is instructions in the manual to mix the flaps and ailerons together for full length ailerons. I tried multiple times per tht instructions and couldnt get it to work. I feel this would be useful for 3D, though I don't intend to fly it that way. It would probably be easier with a DX8 or above. I set flaps to recommended specs at 50% and 100% with 10 and 20% down elevator mix. Found it needed 15 and 25%. Set duals to 100% and 70% per the manual. So to the maiden, winds were 6 to 8 mph due south to the runway. I started out with the 3S at 70% throws. At 3/4 throttle it jumped off the ground in half its length. It needed slight down trim due to the steel rod in the tail, no other trim needed. The wind didnt effect it a bit, the AS3X was right on. They recommend a 14x6 prop over the 13x4 for 3S, dont think it needs it. The roll rate at 70% is greater than my Eflite Clipped wing Cub at 100%. The increased size of the rudder makes knife edge and hammerheads a breeze, even snap rolls are tight. Still plenty of vertical performance on 3S. Flap mix had to be adjusted from manual settings as it still wanted to balloon, may have been due to the wind. Find out on a calm day. Landings were spot on and gentle with and without flaps. After two flights on 2200 3S, I switched to a 2200 4S. Vertical was off the charts, roll rate was staggering, and just a rocket ship on the downwind. Trim was still spot on with the 4S. I could have put a dz flights on it but its still not real warm in Ohio. I say again that I'm impressed with this model, its going to get a ton of flight time. The only drawback to this Timber, I found the foam isnt as dense as other Eflites. Reminds more of the large cell foam found on the Flyzone models. Its rather soft and dents easily just from handling. So now thst its had its maiden, its going to get a facelift. Plan is to strip the graphics, skim the whole thing with a lightweight filler, repaint and clear coat. If you're on the fence about this one or havent seen it yet, pull the trigger. It fits the bill for STOL, aerobatics and even 3D. You want this in your hanger.

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    I think the Timber X looks like the new Kitfox series 7 STI, except no flaperons. I want something loud for the paint scheme, so find it fitting to use the original series 4 Speedster scheme. Now I just have to find some scale wheelpants.


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      I agree, a loud classic scheme would really stand out. Depending on your type of runway, you could get away with DIY foam wheel pants, or possibly get someone to draw up a 3DP file. It's a good size to be 3D printed.


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        Thinking maybe the dynam waco pants with 3" tires.
        fly off mostly grass, occasionally blacktop, though the big tundras are nice in grass.


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          Got the new Timber X all painted and put 6 more flights on it. The wheelpants and tires came today from Motion and getting their paintjob.


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            Click image for larger version

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            A great flight at the beach...but this time with the Timber on a hot balmy day


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              Got the new wheel pants painted and installed. It has better than 2dz flights in just a couple weeks. I like it so much it stays in the backseat of the truck so it can fly when weather is permitting.


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                Stumbled w this video, insane how strong the Timber X is...


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                  Yeah they hit it out of the park with this one.