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New E-Flight Turbo Timber REVIEW

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  • New E-Flight Turbo Timber REVIEW

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    E-Flight just released this last week there ALL NEW TURBO TIMBER 1.5. Couldnt wait to get my hands on it considering I already have the first version Timber. I was able to do a side by side comparison and the results were astonishing to say the least. We all know what we get with the Timber, Lets take a look at the Turbo Timber. The all new Turbo Timber comes with a 50 amp ESC, A specially wound motor that excepts both 3s and 4 s power cells with NO mods needed. A reconfigured nose and motor mount with a 3 blade prop, Also a stiffer main wing and your choice of either a carbon fiber spar, or a steel rod spar for added tail weight in the rear wing. but every thing else is the same, and all is interchangeable. This is great news and a great idea. Assembly was straight forward and easy just like the original Timber.

    I first assembled the TURBO model using the carbon fiber support rod option in the rear wing. It balanced out nose heavy with the 2200, and 3300 3s batts. Also nose heavy with the 4s 2200. Installed the steel support rod in the rear wing and CG became almost perfect, and didnt matter what batt I was using. The 4s 2200 seamed to be slightly nose heavy, the 3 s batts CG was perfect from 2200 -3300. Again this was great news. I imagine that anything less than 2200 mah and I would be reinstalling the carbon fiber option support for a good CG per say an 1800 mah size batt.

    The maiden flight was performed on the 3s batt pack. Turbo Timber on 3s was a real joy to fly. I didnt install the STOL slats at this time. In my opinion it did not need them. Turbo Timber was air born with in 3 feet of run way at 20% flaps. Elevator mixing with flaps deployed required. The mix settings are different from the Turbo and the original Timber. In flight, the Turbo model was more aerobatic than its older brother. The roll rate is much improved as well as other aerobatic performance. Slow flight is just the same as its older brother, dosile, predictable, and floats like an umbrella on landing. Love this plane!!! Over all on 3s power cells, the Turbo Timber was just like the original except for a little less straight line speed. Flight time varied from 6-10 minutes depending on how I flew. The 10 minute mark was easy to hit on the 3s 3300 mah pack.

    BOOM!! On a 4s 2200 mah pack this plane blew my mind!!! The straight line speed was INCREDIBLE!!! Loops, rolls, knife edge, hover, you name it, it will do it with EASE!!! Oh my how the TURBO TIMBER comes alive on 4s power!!!
    With the all new and improve nose design and the 3 blade prop on 4s and you have UNLIMITED VERTICAL!!! The Turbo model did things on 4s that would have snapped the main on its older brother, and maybe the fuse too!!! Flight time on 4s 2200 mah pack was 5 minutes of ringing out the whole time. Could have easly went 6 minutes with less aggresive flying. But on 4 s, forget that.

    Over all the Turbo model gets 5 stars. It has great looks, great aerobatics, and great power on 4s. The best part for me was NO MODS NEEDED, and parts are interchangeable with the original Timber. This one should take over the top spot in sales in no time at all. Good luck, hope you enjoyed the read, and Happy Flying from the Pacific NW.

    Pacific NW Flyer *

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	20190311_195008.jpg Views:	0 Size:	107.4 KB ID:	183995Click image for larger version  Name:	20190311_195027.jpg Views:	0 Size:	116.4 KB ID:	183996Click image for larger version  Name:	20190311_195040.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.1 KB ID:	183997 Prop testing with the Turbo Timber and the results. Factory electric motor is 800kv

    The Factory 11x7.5x3 was used to establish a base line static amp and watt draw. Then switched to a single blade prop to see what its match is. Single blade props offer much better performance for they have less drag.
    Here are the results of my testing.

    Factory Prop = 32 amps, 360 watt draw on 3s pack. On the 4s pack results were 44 amps, and 660 watt draw. Results may vary depending on equipment and conditions at the time of testing.

    APC 12x6 prop = 26 amps, 280 watt draw on 3s. On 4s the results were 35 amps, 540 watt draw. One thing I noticed right away was a lot less vibration with the single blade.

    APC 12x8 prop = 32 amps, 360 watt draw on 3s. On 4s I got 44 amps, 660 watt draw. (WINNER) With this prop there would be a moderate performance gain due to less drag, and way less vibration. Going to fight test this one as well and will post the updates. You could most likely use a 13x6 and be safe from over amping the motor, or the ESC as well. Didnt have one to test. The nose cone from the original Timber went right on and was a perfect fit, So switching to a single blade is no problem. Again I hope you enjoyed the read, and happy landings from the Pacific NW.
    Pacific NW Flyer *


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      Nice review, I think I'd like to get rid of my Turbo Beaver for the Turbo Timber. I purchased the Timber X and was blown away with how it flies. It was my first Timber and hopefully not the last.


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        I'm really enjoying the Turbo Timber. It does all the things as the regular Timber with the option of 4s. On 4 s this plane is truly amazing. I cant say enough about this plane. Been running the APC 12x8 prop with out fail. Have improved flight times and performance gains too. It has become my favorite plane in my hanger with out a doubt.
        Pacific NW Flyer *


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          Still a pain to fit in a car. Pain in the butt to take the wing on and off. That’s a must for me if gonna buy a plane !


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            With the Turbo Timber, do any of you notice a mix of up elevator at 3/4 to full throttle. On the bench i saw this and asked Tech Support. They said the AS3X was programmed that way. Upon flight test, the up elevator at full throttle is very noticeable. Just want to check to make sure others see the same thing.