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FMS 1400 Zero

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  • FMS 1400 Zero

    Will your 4S 3600mah battery fit in the Zero?

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    Re: FMS 1400 Zero

    The Zero is currently my favorite airplane in the 1400mm class size from FMS. Mine balances perfectly with our 4S 3000mah pack pushed all the way forward, without removing any foam or doing any other modifications. My timer is set to 6 minutes and I come down with 40% left in the tank. To answer your question, the Zero WILL balance with our 4s 3600mah as well, but I shifted that battery about 1 inch rearward, and carefully sliced the same depth of foam off the underside of the canopy. I fly comfortably for nearly 8 minutes on the 3600. As long as it balances in the same place, you'll be fine.



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      Re: FMS 1400 Zero

      I appreciate the detailed reply. I have some 3600 batteries and am now interested in adding the Zero to my hanger.