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Door sequencer of FMS P51 and other FMS warbirds

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  • Door sequencer of FMS P51 and other FMS warbirds

    Could you stock these two items that are frequent add ons for the V7 FMS p51.

    EMS Jomar Gear and Door Sequencer
    Gear servo and door servo travel time individually adjustable from full speed to 10 seconds. Gear doors may remain open ala P-47 or close after lowering gear ala P-51.
    Plug Type Futaba J JR / Hitec / Z

    this allows you to have the inner gear door up while landing which can help for grass field landings

    Castle Creations CC BEC 10A 6S Switching Regulator
    as a safety precaution I have used a BEC on all my parkzone and now larger fms warbirds

    It would be more convenient for me if you could stock these two and I could order my fms spare parts and these vs having to order these two from Tower Hobbies.

    Jim Block

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    Re: Door sequencer of FMS P51 and other FMS warbirds

    I don't see a problem getting either of these items. Please give us a few days and we should have these available on our website.