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Denatured Alcohol

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  • Denatured Alcohol

    I just purchased an Edge 540 and the instructions were to use denatured alcohol to remove the excess epoxy when bonding the wings together. Being in California you cannot purchase denatured alcohol in a local store. Some guys at the field stated to use 91% rubbing alcohol. In trying to use what was recommended, I used the internet and I was able to fine a company to purchase and ship the required product. Upon using it, i found that It works great in removing excess epoxy from my wing after it was bonded together and the alcohol does not damage the wing covering when it is applied. I added a little alcohol to a paper towel and wiped away the excess epoxy plus it leaves no residue. At the moment I have not used the 91% rubbing alcohol so I cannot compare the two methods to determine which is better. I wish that I had known about this product on my previous modeling projects.

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    Denatured alcohol is just a "methylated" alcohol. IE, it has about 10% methanol (methyl hydrate) by content. Rubbing alcohol is otherwise referred as isopropyl alcohol. As far as foam is concerned, there isn't much difference between the two. So, you can't buy either at a drugstore?


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      Most paint stores have denatured alcohol


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        Denatured alcohol is just alcohol (ethanol) made undrinkable. Isopropyl alcohol is just an isomer of ethanol, and is poisonous. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates leaving almost no trace - ethanol leaves residue.


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          I have ordered all from McMaster-Carr, I have also purchased them from paint stores / departments at hardware and Walmarty stores, and also through Graphic Supply / Art stores - though sometimes at a significant price difference. For example, Xerocol is a brand name for wood alcohol - yup, methanol / denatured alcohol. Works great to remove plasticizers from clear acrylic before screen printing on them.
          Bestine is a brand name for a solvent to remove rubber cement, but it actually dissolves and removes many adhesives found in tape, spray and double side applications. If you don’t know about this stuff - you need to, because it seldom damages what ever medium the adhesive is applied to. Imagine trying to mount a paper poster on a smooth surface and get a grain of goo or dirt under it. Soak the poster with Bestine and lift the paper up, remove the debis and the reapply the adhesive. Most inks will not run even if you saturate the page, let it dry and you start over. That product used to cost about $40 a gallon - but a gallon of hexane from the chemical supply is the same stuff and about $18 a gallon. In fact at one high end art studio I worked at we could get 5 gallon cans for the same price as the gallons from retail suppliers. Got a $200 bonus for that one...