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Prop question

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  • Prop question

    I have a Starmax P 51. It's 1600MM. I need spare props and cant find them. 16x6. can anyone tell me what I can use in place of what I have? Also it seems somewhat underpowered in vertical climb and so on. I read the post about shiming the props, will the 1700mm prop set from motion rc interchange? If I get the spiner and all?

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    Re: Prop question

    Well I guess the RC community here on motion rc are very shy. Maybe my question as already been asked before I'm not sure but thanks to all the replies. I found some spare props finally. I would like to know how to beef the performance up though, it is underpowerd somewhat. Bigger batt? Motor? What can I do? recomendations????


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      Re: Prop question

      I use the A1 Sky raider props as they are the same. You can find them on the net. I think Hobby King carries them. Hope this helps.