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Official FlightLine RC 1600mm F7F-3 Tigercat Thread

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  • Originally posted by Grossman56 View Post

    I used the Minwax Flat finish on my Spitfire after applying the paint and have not had any trouble yet. The only place I could find the flat (as opposed to the Matte finish) was online. I sprayed it on for maximum 'flatness'. As I've stated before, for maximum gloss, use a brush, for maximum flat, use a spray gun.

    With a black finish, I think I would do a post paint coat. Easier than dealing with the gatoring. I refinished my P-40 in gloss and it took 6 coats and some sanding, then two more coats of gloss to get rid of the gatoring. Good thing I have a 6s system in her. Actually. I find it funny when people worry about how much extra weight you add when applying a water based finish but don't seem t worry about the extra weight that a sound system adds. HMMM

    ain't that the truth.
    \"When Inverted Down Is Up And Up Is Expensive\"


    • Gross man,
      Are you spraying or brushing on your Minwax?
      I brush on two “primer” coats over the factory paint, the “rattle” can spray for larger sections. After the “base” coat of color, then the airbrush comes out to complete the paint. Then I’ll seal the graphics with spunged brush Minwax.
      PS. Where on line do you get your FLAT Minwax?


      • My rule of thumb is...
        For glossiest, use a brush, for flatest, use a spray gun. I found the Flat Minwax online, I'm at work right now, but I'll think it was on Amazon, I'll check when I get home.

        Team Gross!