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Official FMS 1400mm P-40B Warhawk Thread

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  • I did the mod after seeing CB's fly at Nefi last year. Got Ryan's old motor and a five minute job and she was installed! The hardest part was getting the old ESC to slide out, that's how easy it was. The difference is great, looks much more scale and handles very well.
    I tried something a bit different when I weathered this one. RC Jet Dude Steve mentioned something about taking extremely watered down black/brown paint and wiping it over the wings, gives it that 'been out in the rain' look. Silver paint along the panel lines and wherever she gets some damage due to flight.
    I get some great comments on how she looks, they usually end with 'for a warbird' What the heck does that mean!!
    BTW, Callie's tigers are much more authentic looking.
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    • I am out of control. I don't even remember ordering this one ((I'm glad I did though...). Kinda like putting the sugar bowl away in the fridge...or walking around with one foot in a bucket...or chasing after a ball in the backyard only to kick it further away when you go to pick it up.

      Click image for larger version

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      I can think of a lot worse things to be addicted to. Any assembly advice on this one would be appreciated.


      • builds extremely easy, but check out Rich's build video