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J3 Navy Cub

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    Assuming you mean when you unplug the battery:

    It depends how the mosfets are set when the ESC powers down. They could be locked in a condition equal t brake on Its not a problem, though its a result of the firmware not being as "clean" as it should be.

    I've never seen a Castle ESC powered down act like the brake was on. I have seen it with many other brands.

    It will be intermittent. Sometimes it will act like brake is on, others it will not.

    In flight if the brake is on its actually a good thing for glide endurance. There will be an ESC programming setting to turn it off though.
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      Originally posted by thisguy65 View Post
      Sorry to bump this older thread but does ya'lls prop free spin? When completely off the throttle the prop, just stop like it has a brake program.
      Mine did the same thing. I ended up just changing the ESC out with a replacement. It is the ESC brake setting but I was unsure on how to change the setting.
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