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FMS P51D 1450mm V8 Marie new build esc buzzing

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    I've had the same problems on my P51 Petie 2nd. I had to jam and glue a piece of foam in the fuse to keep the control rods in the grooves and I had to replace the horn on the elevator servo to a bigger one to get the specified travel, (40mm). The door servos buzz and sometimes get out of sequence so much so that the clevis pins got ripped out by the servos trying to close the doors with the gear coming down. The slop on the flaps is pretty bad too. Cheap components is the problem starting with the clevis's. Also, the travel on the tail wheel is not enough for ground maneuvering but I don't think it's easy to change because it's driven by a buried servo. Another thing is the wing didn't fit together flush so there was a large gap between the left and right wings. These FMS birds just don't have the quality. The Flightline Spit 1200 I have went together easy and I have had no problem with it.