2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Olive Drab

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Official Black Horse Sbach 342 2000mm ARF Discussion Thread

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  • Official Black Horse Sbach 342 2000mm ARF Discussion Thread

    Product page: https://www.motionrc.com/products/bl...342-2000mm-arf

    The XtremeAir Sbach 342 (XA42) is a German high performance two-seat aerobatic and touring monoplane. The Sbach 342 is a composite structure low-wing monoplane with a fixed conventional landing gear with a tailwheel and carbon fiber fuselage.

    The Black Horse Sbach 342 is lightweight yet durable with large, easy access hatches for your battery/fuel tank. With the recommended setup, the Sbach offers fantastic performance in an eye-catching livery sure to impress.

    • High level of prefabrication right out of the box
    • Lightweight, strong, and fully sheeted laser cut balsa and plywood construction
    • Covered in high quality Oracover
    • Recessed hinges on all control surfaces
    • Large easy access fuel tank/battery/servo access hatches with sprung loaded latches
    • Painted and detailed cockpit, pilot and interior included
    • Fiberglass twinned control horns with ball link connector
    • Pull-Pull control system on the rudder for precision control and authority
    • comprehensive control and fitting accessories included
    • Two-piece, plug-in wings simplify transportation and assembly.
    • Fiberglass cowl and landing gear covers/pants
    • Mounts for both electric and gas power options included
    • Fully illustrated instruction manual included and also available for download (see tab above)
    • Black Horse Sbach 342 2000mm (78.74") Wingspan - ARF
    Requires (Electric):Requires (Gas):
    • Engine: 30 - 35cc 2-stroke, NGH GT35R recommended or 38-42cc 4-stroke, NGH GT38 recommended
    • Gas Propeller: 18x10-20x8
    Click image for larger version  Name:	BH174 (1).png Views:	0 Size:	663.8 KB ID:	194530
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    Plane looks gorgeous and is well thought out. Building is pretty basic, few issues so far. Only exception is the landing gear, carbon strut, and wheel pants. The wheel pants are cheap plastic, the carbon strut is not pre drilled and no template is provided, for securing wheel pants or fastening the strut to the fuselage. Just a couple photos and a measurement picture for spacing of the fuselage bolts. A steady hand for.marking and a drill press would be the best bet. No blind nuts on the fuselage for the landing gear bolts, as you have to use the included security nuts. The pants also needed trimming for the excess plastic left from the molding process.


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      Ok, this is the first bird I've put together like this. I can see in the body the large hole where the servo will mount. I am using the HITEC D930SW servos.

      My problem is that when I hold the servo up to that hole under the stabilizer I can tell by feel that where the wood starts and ends is longer than the servo. So I feel if I cut the coating away I will be left with a hole that is larger than the servo.

      NM: I figured it out. Cut a little piece and the MonoCoat and I could see there is extra wood sticking out to screw into.