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E-flite Extra 300 3D 1.3 and 4s battery?

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  • E-flite Extra 300 3D 1.3 and 4s battery?

    I've been flying my new Extra 300 3d for a few weeks with Admiral 3s 3300's. CG is ok with battery all the way forward. Flying sport and aerobatics, not ready for 3D. Since the plane is 3s and 4s capable, I'd like to try it on 4s for a bit more power and speed. I like my Admirals so I'm considering Admiral 4s 3000 35c or 3600 40c. The 4s 3000 weighs 1.75 oz more than the 3s 3300 while the 4s 3600 weighs nearly 4 oz more. Anyone fly this plane with 4s and if so what do you use? While I'd prefer the 4s 3600 40c, I'm concerned about the effect of 4oz additional weight.

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      Ive used 4000mah 4s and it flew fine I regularly use a 3200mah 4s 40c and it’s vertical performance is great with this pack


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        Anyone fly with 4s 4000 mah battery? I put a friends 4000 battery in to see if would fit and it does. Has anyone tried 4000 any feedback?


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          Yes I have it still flys just a tad heavier but still plenty capable


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            I'm new to the the sport fo 3D flying this is also my first giant scale plane. My plane is a Sbach 342 89in I'm going to put in a 61cc dle, my question is what is the difference between the single and the twin engine and I know one has one piston and the other has two. Will the twin fit in the cowling of my plane. Any help would be appreciated.


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              Good plane next plane if your really looking at 3D is an extreme flight edge or better a velocity there’s simply nothing better on the market


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                When you go to 4s make sure you change out your prop