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Converting to 3 blade prop?

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  • Converting to 3 blade prop?

    Am currently flying a 3dhs Slick 580 79" . EME60 engine with a Zoar 22x8 . Want to convert to a Biela 21x10-3 blade. What changes in scale type flying will I notice? Specifically on takeoff and more importantly landings. I'm not into 3d, just fly the circuit with maybe a few big loops and an occasional a-roll. I admit that I just like the looks of the 3 blade on the plane. Thanks for your input.

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    I've gone by this "rule of thumb" and seems to work. Add one blade, reduce diameter by 1" OR pitch by 1". You've reduced diameter by 1" but you've also increased pitch by 2". You should notice more "bite" in the prop (produce a bit more grunt and thrust) but at the expense of possibly taxing the motor a bit more. However, being a "gas" motor, it likely can take it). You might notice the engine bog a little but if not, probably good to go.


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      thanks for the response. My biggest concerns are takeoffs and landings. Will I be able to slow it down on approaches and control my descent rate with the increased pitch, or will my ground speeds be faster? She floats in like a trainer now. Flys all over the sky at 1/3 throttle. Its a light plane at only about 14 pounds AUW. thanks


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        If you have the brake ON, the extra blade shouldn't make that much difference. If you don't have the brake ON, the extra blade in a freewheeling prop (zero throttle) should provide a very slight slowing down effect. I doubt you'll see any difference.


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          Thanks. I was hoping that would be the case.