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Electric retracts

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  • Electric retracts

    I've had a Bridi kit (XLT) sitting in the attic since the late 80's, when I bought it from Joe. I've built several of Joe's kits so I'm fairly familiar with his construction techniques, but I admit I'm now a bit unsure how to proceed. The XLT is specifically designed for main & nose retracts. The plans call out "Kraft Retracts". Of course these no longer exist, so I'm asking for advice on what might currently be available. I once had a set of Dave Brown retracts, which were used in conjunction with a 180 degree retract servo. But I can see the advantage of electric units, with a "built-in" servo directly connected to the receiver. The XLT uses, of course, a foam wing with balsa sheeting. The plans don't offer much on installing the Kraft gear, they just say to follow the manufacturer's instructions! So, any advice??
    Joe Abbott