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RocHobby 1050mm Waco Biplane

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  • RocHobby 1050mm Waco Biplane

    Does anybody have this plane? Are you happy with it? Does it perform well and have enough power? What about the landing gear, it is sturdy enough for a grass landing strip? Any help and comments would be a big help to me before I dive into this. Would hate to buy a plane that is just going to break.

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    Re: RocHobby 1050mm Waco Biplane


    I'm about to pull the trigger on this plane also.

    Would be nice to hear some feedback.


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      Re: RocHobby 1050mm Waco Biplane

      Watch Ryan's video of the Waco and you can see it flies very well. I have a Waco (rhymes with taco) made by another brand then RocHobby's version. They are very similar in every aspect except RocHobby's Biplane is smaller than the Waco I have. If you are beyond the high wing beginner trainer plane then you should not have any problems flying it. The Waco can do aerobatics if desired plus has enough power to climb quickly to get you out of a jam. It can fly slow and steady. It is easy to takeoff and easy to land. I fly off a grassy field. The Waco is a classy looking plane on the ground and in the air. I am confident that RocHobby's Waco is a great plane and If I didn't already own one I would get the RocHobby version.