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What options and variations have you tried for flying wires!!!!!!

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  • What options and variations have you tried for flying wires!!!!!!

    So im doing my first bipe, a GP P-6E Hawk, 1.20 size. I have looked over several ideas for flying wires and what obscure materials have been used but i like to see and hear what others have come up with that represent the look. Yes for most planes, these wires are for a visual representation but yet some planes do require fully functional wires also.
    Fully functional wires use primarily fishing tackle type hardware and even Proctor hardwre for that true to scale look with real function. My goal is to let others post her on what they have tried in past for that "looks awesome" comments that sets your plane apart from others when on the flight line.
    I'm currently going to use Rexlace plastic lacing cord, avail at Hobby Lobby, which is white and use a chrome paint marker pen, HL also, to "metalize" the flying wires. Brass anchor plates placed under the wing attachments points of .025 thick to attach Dubro metal clevis to. The plastic lace can be "screwed" into the clevis and holds very nicely when twisted and threaded into the clevis which are the standard 2-56 threaded type. As i get started to add the wires, ill post some updates with pics for the final outcome.

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    When I bought the Dynam Waco from MRC about 4 years ago, I used beading wire for the flying wires. I have one end of each flying wire directly attached to the plane, and the other end has a small spring between the flying wire and the attachment point, to help maintain reasonable tension on the wires, while still allowing some flex in the wings. These have held up well in the four years since, and look pretty good on the model.


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      Where are you getting your springs?