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I need help learning how to set up my plane

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  • I need help learning how to set up my plane

    I recently got passed this extreme flight plane with a dx6e controller. I believe the plane is 60” long and it came with 2 batteries the plane the controller and a charger. There is also this circuit board thing if somebody can tell me what I need to do to make this work I would appreciate it.

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    What "circuit board" thing are you talking about? Is it in one of your pictures?


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      It is to the right of the controller


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        It looks like a balance board for a lipo battery charger.


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          Yup, that's the balance board. To balance charge a LiPo, you must connect that board to the charger with the appropriate connector. From there, the battery connects to the charger via the yellow XT connector on the board and then connects to the balance board via its balance plug. The charger is set to balance charge at the proper rate (ie, "1C" or at the amps of the battery X 1). If there is a setting on the charger, it should be set for the number of cells of the battery.
          You might want to check out some YouTube videos on the subject to actually see what's being done.


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            oh boy


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              So what do I need to make it fly because I plug the battery into the pane and the motor spins a little and makes a beep. I don’t know what what means or if there’s something I’m missing?


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                I don't think you're going to figure this out on the internet. There's quite a bit missing in your RC knowledge. You would best go to your local flying field or go to a nearby hobby shop and talk to someone. Take all your stuff with you.
                Swarick's "oh boy" is an understatement.