FlightLineRC P-38L Lightning Allied Green

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freewing AL37 Kulula Airlines flying 101

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  • freewing AL37 Kulula Airlines flying 101

    This was a big project for me. It came out very nice and I love it. Thank you to Motion RC, Callie Graphics, Space Age paints and my wife for her patience.
    I made the mistake of stickering the aircraft when I got it. I had no intention of painting it so it did not matter at the time. I then tried to remove the decals by hand and messed it up a bit. BTW you can just use acetone to remove the decals and not the paint from the aircraft. I took apart everything to paint it so I would not have paint in all the joints and I could get better coverage on all the parts. I could not find the right paint for this so I had it made special from space age paints in Mesa Az. I had them put it into spray cans since I do not have a sprayer for this. I removed all the decals with acetone after damaging the aircraft by trying to just remove them. Sanded it down and painted it. I used a chrome detail tape on the wings because every time I put tape on it, it would pull the paint off. Leaned that with the nacelles. Decals came from Callie and were easy to put on. I messed a few up in placement but that's OK. Once it was all done I coated it with minwax water based clear coat. Landing gear were painted white and one wheel on each side green. I will roll it out next week end at an airshow at Superstition Airpark with the Arizona Modelers club on Oct Some pics and a video of the completed aircraft.

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    Another walk around