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Boeing 747-800/8i

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  • Boeing 747-800/8i

    I hope Freewing in cooperation with Flightline will come out with a Boeing 747-800 class EDF model...gawwd please. :)

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    I would love to see an airliner. Supreme Hobbies has a couple of different Airbus models but I want something modeled after Boeing. A DC-10 would be very cool!

    A buddy has the Supreme Hobbies A-330 and he likes it.


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      A DC-10 would be sweet. A EDF EPO PNP with up to date build eccentrics would i think peak alot of folks interests. Agreed something by McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, or a Lockheed Tristar is what I want and prefer over airbus models, there are plenty of those already.

      Im sure Windrider's can be out done, with todays new stuff.

      I have my A380 from Tian sheng (Old kit)

      Chase view:

      Supreme hobbies A340-600

      Chase view:

      WIll make room in the hangar

      just love how a Boeing roars on take off...such an engineering marvel and beauty.. .imagine if the these made appearances at the clubs


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        One of my other hobbies other than flying RC planes is to also fly planes but in a PC simulator. I have mostly been flying military jets on DCS but I had recently been looking into civilian aviation simulators.
        I found that X-Plane 11 is one of the latest and best civilian simulators currently available. One of the planes that are included is the Boeing 747-400! Apparently X-Plane is the only simulator that features the 747.
        So If you would really like to experience what it would be like to fly this beast I would recommend looking into X-Plane. I am sure that becoming familiar with this Airliner in a simulator first will prepare you for when you finally get a hold of an RC model.


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          loved the X-Plane 11 simulator. I dont think i own a powerful enough PC, but if i do upgrade im sure to own this simulator. Thanks for sharing