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Official Dynam Twin 64mm Turbo Jet Thread

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  • Official Dynam Twin 64mm Turbo Jet Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce the release of the Dynam Twin 64mm Turbo Jet. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this aircraft.
    My YouTube RC videos:

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    To install the A3-L gyro, would u need a y harness for the rudder from gyro to reciever from servo and another y harness for ailerons from gyro to servo plugs at the wing? Am i getting close assuming this does work on the turbojet reciever?


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      Originally posted by badwolf View Post
      To install the A3-L gyro, would u need a y harness for the rudder from gyro to reciever from servo and another y harness for ailerons from gyro to servo plugs at the wing? Am i getting close assuming this does work on the turbojet reciever?
      Why you want to install a gyro ? No need for the 550.


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        My Turbo Jet before crash...
        The thrustreverser are nice, but no need. ( like the origin, no reverse-motor)


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          I gave this plane a one star review, which was not published for some reason. I had multiple quality issues as well as an esc that burned up on the 4th flight. I think prospective buyers should know what they are getting, the good reviews and the bad ones. I hate to think that the reviews I read before buying a new plane are filtered.


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            Excuse me for coming rather late here!

            This Dynam Turbo Jet is one of the best Twin EDF JETS that I have ever owned. I purchased it used from a trusted friend and Hobbyist within my Central Florida area and one who assembles very carefully and with great care. He even installed a Wing Spar, a highly recommended item on this model.

            He has flown it perhaps over 350+ flights before I took ownership and like to declare that I have had three (3) ugly mishaps. First one was flying into a palm tree at high speed (Pilot Error) as I allowed the model to go too low and fast. The other was on the ground as I was taxing back to the Pilots Pitts and someone came in under emergency conditions and crashed into the tail boom. The other was a recent Pilot Error as I lost concentration on a steep dive and didn't pull up in time and it went in to mother Earth at a high rate of speed (Late Feb. 2018).

            This is perhaps the most rugged Foam EDF Jet model I have ever owned and allow me to provide you all with the latest repairs, Adjustments, Post Repair checks and re-checks!

            1. Had to remove the Wing (No Big Deal) to re-connect the Nose Wheel Steering, it was completely off the servo arm keeper.
            2. While I was there, re-connected the Nose Wheel Retract connector, had to remove the Nose Wheel Assembly OFF the model to provide enough slack!
            3. Ordered new Control Horns for the Tail Feather locations and MotionRC came through with flying colors (Fast Shipping).
            4. Took my time and carefully took OFF the broken Plastic Control Horns from both Elevator halves and Rudder!
            5. Used Gorilla Glue for the Tail Boom section and all Plastic Control Horns.
            6. My White Glue Repair for the Tail Boom was not successful because the bottom of the Horizontal Stab had a dry bead lumps along the middle joining line. I cut out all these beads and made smooth and used Gorilla Glue with precision as now the Tail Boom had a perfectly flat surface to adhere to the Rear FUSE area.
            7. You have to really have lots of patience with the STOCK Control Horn Keepers as they are OLD SCHOOL with a nut and threaded shaft so, I replaced two out of the Three with Dubro's quick keepers but, I ran out so, I had to use the one STOCK keeper and it was a PIA (Small Nut) and had to lightly drill the new Horn so, the STOCK threaded type could go in at the appropriate hole.

            Me with the busted Dynam Turbo Jet due to Pilot Error!


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              RE: Post Repairs on my Dynam Turbo Jet (Continued....)

              Motion RC came to the rescue with fast shipping!

              Ready for Flight OPS!


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                My Dynam Turbo Jet was successfully flown at 9:15am this morning in gusty windy conditions and it flew like new with that spectacular manner that I expected from this model.

                I am so pleased that with a little patience in repairs skills you can get a long mileage out of these foam models!

                It's amazing the performance one gets with just a 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer setup as this model has exhibited flight after flight!

                My Turbo Jet using my Buddies Nikkon DSLR Camera in Cloudy Conditions and it looks like the real thing!


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                  Hey y'all. I've just rebuild my Dynam Turbo jet after a severe pilot error. I let it get behind me,get inverted,and then into some very tall trees. Oops.
                  I'm not here to bash them,or MRC. These guys have stood behind this product from day one. She arrived with ,i thought,a bad esc,due to the port motor trying to spin in both directions at one. They sent me a new set. Nope. Bad motor. They sent me a new motor. Brass nut in fuselage missing. They sent me a new fuselage,and decal set.They have went above and beyond to help,without question.
                  Now,ive got her rebuilt. But I've got a few "issues". I've initialized the esc's,but my new port motor still has a "stutter"upon throttle up.And I've tried everything. Should i unplug the stbd one,and re-initialize the port? Any help will be appreciated.
                  Also,im using the SR86A rx with gyro,and Detrum6C tx. It seems that if i put ANYTHING in aux1,it makes "auto-recover"unavailable. Which means i either give up landing gear,or flaps.
                  Anyone know of a fix,other than buying the 8ch tx?
                  Thanks in advance


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                    I recently purchased this in the yellow ambulance version (way cool) and now have 3 flights on it. Great flyer but it uses quite a bit of runway up before rotation. Would it be ok to run 4 cell batteries in this?


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                      4 cell works great,only way I fly it.


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                        Thanks, I’ll give it a try next time out.


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                          I've just purchased this model .Have heard about installing a spar. Are there any videos or info regarding this tks in advance