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new HobbyZone Carbon Cub S+ motor pulsing

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    Originally posted by Gilatrout View Post

    It isn't the motor. It is the GPS, beginner system telling the pilot that the aircraft hasn't been initialized to home yet.
    Although he hasn't answered my question, I don't think he's looking to replace the motor in his Cub S (if he has one). He's looking at it for use in some other plane.


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      To disarm GPS. Hold bind button and switch 3 position switch. Safe plus safe and experienced mode 3 times. It also helps lock GPS


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        I'm still struggling with setting my home field so th plane will stop pulsing, I may have set the field incorrectly. I also tried shutting off the gps not luck with that. Any suggestions?


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          Regarding a pulsing motor, I got help form Horizon Hobby Tech support. In my case I have a new NX8, even so I needed to download the latest software form and update the NX8. Then I had to change the bind servo to down, the file I got from SpectrumRC for the Carbon Cub had the bind button in the up position, which is incorrect. Hope this is some help. If not call tech support,