Freewing T-45 Goshawk 90mm EDF Jet PNP

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E-flite Draco X 2.0m

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  • xviper Conceptually it's cool. But the mass hyping of it scared me off. The announcements and previews seemed more like a push than a release. I felt at that point that the reviews were going to be biased. I think there's something in my nature that causes me to reject that. Maybe I'm just allergic to Bull****.

    Truly, I'd like to see 4th, 5th, 6th flight reviews of planes. I'm certainly more interested in that than an unboxing. I'd rather watch my neices and nephews unbox presents and spaz out over the dopamine rush than watch an adult pull plane pieces out of a box. I do like watching Motion's build videos though, it's not the same thing. They are more task oriented than hype. And you get to see the model without the box and packaging, and canned enthusiasm.

    But as I said, the Draco conceptually is cool. It's a unique Stol/bushplane. I know it has Wilga DNA, I've always wanted a Wilga since way back. And a Wilga with bush tires, cool lights, an attractive wing design and landing gear, and power. It definitely has peaked my interest a few times. But I opted to hold off for real reviews of it. Now to hear it flies heavy and reading of some of it's issues, and not really seeing performance that makes it better than other less expensive bush planes, makes me think that it doesn't have the value to warrant the price. Though had I bought it, I would tinker through and try to resolve the issues and fly it hard. But I hear you, it's less frustrating to buy a plane with known issues and vetted fixes, than to be on the bleeding edge. I wonder how it flies with skis?


    • Originally posted by SanExup View Post
      xviperThe announcements and previews seemed more like a push than a release. I felt at that point that the reviews were going to be biased.

      I wonder how it flies with skis?
      There's no doubt that they were "pushes" and the "reviews" were, well, we know what they were. Imagine if one of these "reviewers" ever said anything bad about a new release, you can bet your bottom dollar that will be the LAST free plane they'll get from the manufacturer. As one such "reviewer" said on the other open forum ..................... He was expected and more or less told to cross post about the plane whenever he could. Of course, we all know that cross posting is against any forum rule, but when it comes to sponsored directives, moderators turn a blind eye. Yet, if any of us did anything remotely similar, we'd get a demerit point and a stern PM.

      I plan to put skiis on my DRACO next winter, so I'll tell you what it's like. This, of course, is dependent upon whether I still have the thing by then.