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Official Nexa 1760mm G58 Sport - ARF Thread

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  • Official Nexa 1760mm G58 Sport - ARF Thread

    G58 Sport 1760mm (69.2") Wingspan - ARF from Nexa - NXA1016-001

    Introduced in the 1969 and still produced today, the full-size G58 Sport is a luxurious 6 seat, turbo-charged civil airplane used by both private and commercial operators around the world.

    The Nexa G58 Sport is a electric scale series civilian aircraft with a 1760mm wingspan, constructed primarily from balsa wood and fully covered. This ARF requires assembly and installation of your choice of servos and power system, and includes a two piece wing design with aluminum wing joiner, fiberglass cowling, painted pilot, electric retracts and struts, flaps, a large battery hatch and pre-hinged and installed control surfaces.
    Fully Covered and Detailed

    The Nexa G58 Sport comes fully covered in an attractive white, red and black scheme with panel line and rivet detail.
    Scale Details Throughout

    Satisfying scale details accentuate the G58 Sport including fiberglass cowling, painted pilot, electric retracts, struts and operational flaps.
    Large Hatch

    The large hatch allows for an incredible amount of space for any battery and electronic requirements.
    Electric Retracts Included

    The Nexa G58 Sport comes with electric retracts and struts for added realism and clean flight profile.
    • Fully covered in an attractive white, red and black scheme with panel line and rivet detail
    • Complete Balsa and lite-ply construction for rigidity and durability
    • Electric retracts and struts are included
    • Two piece wing with aluminum wing joiners for easy transport
    • Functional flaps for shorter takeoffs and slower landings
    • Fiberglass cowling, detailed cockpit and painted pilot for added scale appeal
    • All control surfaces come out of the box pre-hinged and installed for convenience
    • Large battery hatch allows easy access to your chosen electric setup
    • Nexa G58 Sport 1760mm (69.2") Wingspan - ARF
    • Wheels, wheel covers, spinner, fiberglass cowling
    • Motor mounts
    • Electric retracts and struts
    • Hardware and decals
    REQUIRES:Customer Note
    Nexa ARF models are constructed out of balsa wood and plywood. These are not foam models. The assembly of balsa wood ARF aircraft requires basic model building skills including the installation of servos, ESC, and motor (or gas engine).

    Model Scale 1/6
    Wingspan 1760mm / 69.2in
    Length 1210mm / 47.6in
    Weight 4300g / 151.67oz
    CG (Center of Gravity) 100-104mm from the leading edge of the wing's root
    Power System 2x 770kV Brushless Outrunner Motors (required)
    Electronic Speed Control 2x 45A (required)
    Propeller / EDF 2x 11x7 2-blade (required)
    Servos 4x high voltage/torque standard: left aileron, right aileron, left flap, right flap (required)
    3x metal gear standard: elevator, rudder (required)
    Landing Gear Electric retracts with struts (included)
    Required Battery 2x 4 Cell 14.8V 3000 - 4000 mAh LiPo Battery (required)
    Required Radio 6+ Channel (required)
    Ailerons Yes
    Elevator Yes
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps Yes
    Lights No
    Hinge Type Nylon
    Material Balsa and light plywood
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 6+ Hours
    Recommended Environment Outdoors

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    Are the props counter rotating ?