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Dynam SR-22 MODS / Grass Field & Beach Landing Gear Options for SR22

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  • Dynam SR-22 MODS / Grass Field & Beach Landing Gear Options for SR22


    I'm interested in the Dynam SR-22 but only have access to grass club fields or a sandy beach... had a few questions and welcome any thoughts folks might have:

    1) Wondering if anyone has tried taking the wheel fairings off for take-off/land on grass and/or gone to a bigger wheel diameter?

    2) How about mounting skis on the SR-22 and, if need be, hand launching or push starting the take-off when at the grass field? (I think skis will be ok on dry sand at the beach, particularly if I a rake out a runway to smooth out the footprints.)

    3) Alternatively, how about belly landing, perhaps using some skids mounted on the wings and on the chin under the cowl?

    One SR-22 owner tried a water-bottle setup for snow, which didn't quite work as a substitute for skis on take-off.
    While I'd plan to use some typical tail skids or perhaps some spare belly tanks that I have for a Corsair, his video will give you a feel for hand-launch and the skid possibility:

    4) Also interested in any recommended nose gear mods? ... for example to stiffen up 'wobble' for better ground tracking

    With the fairings off, I was thinking of making a straight nose strut to avoid any play or leverage associated with the trailing wheel geometry or maybe adding a torsion strut to the existing nose gear -- something resembling this one that's been used for a nose ski:

    -- dave