F7F-3 Tigercat

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Fox Glider setup

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  • Fox Glider setup

    Hello all . I received my FMS Fox glider and I have a 6 ch receiver for it . The kit come with a y harness for the ailerons . I'd like to plug each servo into a separate slot so I can have a mixed in spoiler . Has anybody done this ? The BANANA HOBBY video has them adding up not down . I'm just wondering if I should add some up elevator to the mix ?

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    Re: Fox Glider setup

    I'm sorry I meant to say flaps . It say that it comes with flaps but I'm wondering if it means mixed or cut out separately on the inside part of the wing ? There doesn't seem to be a spot for an extra flap servo .
    The instructions are "weak" when comes to this type of information .