Freewing F-105 64mm EDF Jet - PNP

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Official Skynetic 1.4M Shrike Glider Thread

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    Originally posted by Hetronnn View Post

    I like your airplane model 😁 time tracking software


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      greetings from Des Moines, WA. I am going o get a Shrike veery soon. I use a synthetic oil on the bearings of all my motors and it seems like it helps them. I have an Old Radian that has more than 400 flights on it and it is still flying like it is on rails. Hope the Shrike will do as well. Keep the flights coming.😎


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        Originally posted by Charles M Hough View Post
        ... I am going o get a Shrike veery soon. ...
        Its a great multi-purpose sport motor glider - You're going to love it!

        But I do recommend reading this thread. In particular, you need to be aware that the spinner tends to spin off if you reduce the throttle quickly. To mitigate this, I put a drop of blue (medium strength) Loctite on the threads of the nut inside the spinner, mounted it on the prop shaft then let it set for 24 hours - I've not had mine spin off since. But don't let the Loctite get on the plastic parts - it can eat them for lunch.

        Welcome to the Shrike fan club!


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          Before the Covid thing I went to a swap meet and got a bag of motors. I took them apart and cleaned them out. Two of them were 2836 motors that were really in need of some attention. I took time ernd cleaned up and ran them. I took the oldest one and put it to service . Today it is sstill dong well and is as performing well. The best thing about these motors is they were all basket cases. They are doing fine now.Chuck


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            Scott sorry I did not see your question. I know this is late but I did attach the ply plate then attached the RX. It was tight but did finally fit. The set up worked ok but think the design was a challenge and more thought about placement would have helped. I was not impressed with the shrike but think my CG was too far forward and caused issues during launches. I should have tried adjusting but gave up. I did get the Night Radian and really like it's flying and lighting. It is a more gentle glider being only two control surfaces vs. the ailerons and flaps on the Shrike. Again apologies for the long response delay.



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              I still love mine :D