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FMS ASW-17 FPV Flight

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  • FMS ASW-17 FPV Flight

    New to gliders. I'm primarily an EDF guy who started to add FPV to my jets. Problem is that the flight times are too short. I decided to try a powered glider to get more time on the goggles. My first glider setup was the E-Flite Conscendo but the FPV setup adds a significant amount of weight and drag compared to the airframe size. I decided to go with a bigger airframe and the 2500mm wingspan of the ASW-17 is a much better fit. It's more of a glider than the Conscendo which is closer to a hotliner in flying style. (Personal experience tip. - Don't fly the ASW-17 like you would the Conscendo. You'll damage control surfaces and bend wing spars. Oops!)

    Here is a flight joining a group of turkey buzzards.

    Click image for larger version

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    Very cool! Some of my favorite flights involved soaring a glider among some bald eagles. Pretty darn cool. I love sailplanes...Definitely more airtime than EDFs that's for sure.
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      Nice, great video !
      rc flyin addict