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Official ZOHD 877mm SonicModell Drift Glider - PNP Thread

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  • Official ZOHD 877mm SonicModell Drift Glider - PNP Thread

    SonicModell Drift Glider 877mm (34.52") - PNP from ZOHD - ZOH10060

    When the ZOHD Drift was planned, there were some very specific goals in mind, but the most important one was to make it easy to fly. In that regard the Drift exceeds expectations being that it includes the Kopilot Lite flight control system. It allows for anyone to start flying right out of the gate, even beginners. The Drift is ultra-light and very durable so that it will survive the "not so perfect" landings. The ZOHD Drift is the perfect plane for beginners and FPV pilots who want a relaxed FPV flying experience.
    Easy Assembly and Transport

    Detachable main wing and tail boom, glue-free assembly, portable for outdoor flying.
    Durable EPP Construction

    Molded by tough EPP material, built-in CF spar for enhancement, stable flying capability and impact resistance.
    Large Battery Bay

    The Drift incorporates a large battery bay for extended flight time.
    Air-Cooling Throughout

    The optimized air-cooling design will keep your gear safe from overheating.
    • Super easy to hand launch and slow fly, agile and accurate in control
    • Detachable main wing and tail boom, glue-free assembly, portable for outdoor flying
    • Durable EPP material, built-in CF spar for enhancement, crash-resistant
    • Being light-weight will be safe to fly anywhere, anytime. You’re avoiding the hassle of an FPV registration
    • Large battery bay for extended flight time
    • You can select either 2 Cell or 3 Cell LiPo batteries for power
    • Nose camera bay compatible with all FPV and AIO cameras in the market
    • Special designed H-girder for the main wing makes it super solid and tough
    • Built-in CF strip inside the fuselage for extra enhancement
    • The Built-in CF rod in the ailerons will give precision and sharp action to your inputs
    • Dedicated equipment bay for FPV Camera, Flight Controller (ZOHD Kopilot Lite), and GPS
    • The optimized air-cooling design will keep your gear safe from overheating
    • ZOHD SonicModell Drift Glider 877mm (34.52") - PNP

    Wingspan 877mm / 34.5in
    Length 688mm / 27.0in
    Weight (w/o battery) 162g / 5.7oz
    CG (Center of Gravity) Refer to manual
    Power System 1406-2600kV Brushless Outrunner Motor
    Electronic Speed Control 30A
    Propeller / EDF 5x5 for 2S setup, 3x5x3 for 3S setup
    Servos 2x 4.3g, 1x 8g
    Landing Gear N/A
    Required Battery 2 Cell 7.4V 900-1500 mAh LiPo Battery for 2S or 3 Cell 11.1V 800-1100 mAh LiPo Battery for 3 Cell (required)
    Required Radio 4 Channel (required)
    Ailerons Yes
    Elevator Yes
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps No
    Lights No
    Hinge Type Foam
    Material EPP Foam
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 1 Hour
    Recommended Environment Outdoor

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    After a little retuning on the control surfaces (this plane benefits from a little bit of up elevator), I put my ZOHD Drift up for a successful flight. I have a Wolfwhoop WT02-D camera installed in the nose, and for this flight, I let the goggles record the video while I just flew normal LOS.

    The plane goes together fairly easily, though I found I needed to be careful while installing the wings, to make sure the integrated servo connections aligned properly. As mentioned, it needs a bit of uptrim on the elevator, or the plane will have a nasty tendency to nose dive. While the specs state it needs a 4 channel receiver, there is no rudder on this plane, so it's only using 3 channels. It's not intended to be a stunt plane, though other videos on YouTube show pilots managing some basic aerobatics with the plane. I originally had a Wolfwhoop WT03 camera in it, but the cloverleaf antenna on that model was a bit of a tight fit. The WT02-D camera has a straight antenna which fit nicely. I flew for just under 5 minutes, and some pilots on YouTube report that the plane will easily fly much longer on an 850 - 1000 mAh 3S battery. The video is edited to remove about 30 seconds of the flight, in order to fit with the length of the music track.


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      I've just purchased this ZOHD DRIFT Glider along with a futuba r/c tx and rx combo, battery and charger. However I'm a complete novice and have a few queries and would appreciate some help please...
      1) would this aircraft be suitable for a FTP video camera and air to ground grounded any suggestions of type//makes ?
      2) Also, what ground station would I need to receive live streamed video from aircraft ?

      I realise i may be a bit over ambitious of my expectations atm, but I would really like to get into autonomous missions too in the future although I guess this aircraft would not be suitable for this....all comments very welcome


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        Wow. Surprised no one answered before this. I've been away from the forums for a little while, so missed your questions, Seabee. Did you ever get your FPV setup going?

        On mine, I installed a Wolfwhoop WT02-D camera/transmitter. It fits easily in the Drift nose. I connect a 1S 380mAh LiPo battery to the camera, which gives more than ample power to run the camera for my typical flight time on the plane's battery. I'm using Beta FPV VR02 goggles to view and record the video feed from the camera. The video in my post above is from this setup.

        One caveat I have now for this plane - I have ended up gluing the wings on, as I had problems with the servo connection being reliable when I just had the wings held on with the nylon screw. On the last flight before I did this, both myself and another, more experienced, pilot at our club field ended up losing control while in flight on my Drift. While the other pilot was flying it, it went in rather hard, and needed some repairs. After gluing the wings in place, I have not had a repeat of the control issues.