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Official ZOHD 1000mm SonicModell Dart XL EV - PNP Thread

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  • Official ZOHD 1000mm SonicModell Dart XL EV - PNP Thread

    SonicModell Dart XL EV 1000mm (39.37") - PNP from ZOHD - ZOH10042

    The ZOHD DART XL "Enhanced" Version is an updated version of the ZOHD Dart XL Extreme. Vortex generators, detachable wings, and vertical fins are what give this airplane an outstanding lift performance! The "Enhanced" version of this PNP comes with a new motor mount that is stronger and durable. Also added is a GPS bay cover, built-in carbon fiber rod inside the fuselage, optimized airfoil, extended dock for the flight controller, extended plywood for battery, extra ball linkage inside the package, and a built-in carbon fiber strip inside the rear hatch for just to list some of the improvements.
    Easy Assembly and Transport

    The detachable wing and vertical fins makes the Dart XL easy to transport.
    Durable EPO Construction

    Molded by tough EPO material, built-in CF spar for enhancement, stable flying capability and impact resistance.
    Large Battery Bay

    The Dart XL incorporates a large battery bay for your chosen FPV equipment and electronics.
    Camera Compatibility

    The multi-camera nose is compatible with 99% of the FPV and HD cameras in the market: Runcam HD, 2, 3S, Swift, Split, GoPro H4-5-6-7, Session, and much more!
    • Small size airframe optimized for long-range FPV and portability
    • Carefully chosen airfoil gives the aircraft an incredible lift power and excellent handling
    • Detachable wing and vertical fins make it portable for easy transport
    • Light-weight composite hard nose for better protection of your expensive camera gear
    • The multi-camera nose is compatible with 99% of the FPV and HD cameras in the market: Runcam HD, 2, 3S, Swift, Split, GoPro H4-5-6-7, Session, and much more!
    • Reversed wingtips provide more lift force and ensure a efficient wing surface
    • Vortex generators for improving lift efficiency and gain higher control at low speeds
    • Load plenty of FPV equipment, large battery/gyro thanks to a huge equipment bay
    • Computer-designed optimized airflow pod that maximizes cooling, reducing the risk of crashes from overheated electronics
    • Impact-resistant protective cover for the main wing's leading edge and landing skids
    • Built-in carbon fiber tube inside main wings for enhanced performance and rigidity
    • Exclusive VTX / RX bays with excellent airflow and away from interference
    • ZOHD SonicModell Dart XL EV 1000mm (39.37") - PNP

    Wingspan 1000mm / 39.3in
    Length 596mm / 23.4in
    Weight (w/o battery) 706g / 24.9oz
    CG (Center of Gravity) Refer to manual
    Power System 2216-1300kV Brushless Outrunner Motor
    Electronic Speed Control 40A
    Propeller / EDF 9x4.5
    Servos 9g metal gear
    Landing Gear N/A
    Required Battery 4 Cell 14.8V 3000-3300 mAh LiPo Battery (required)
    Required Radio 4 Channel (required)
    Ailerons Elevons
    Elevator Elevons
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps No
    Lights No
    Hinge Type Foam
    Material EPO Foam
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 1 Hour
    Recommended Environment Outdoor

  • #2
    I ordered this and it did not come with any manual that I could find. Where is the CG supposed to be?


    • #3
      Scratch that....figured it out.


      • #4
        Can anyone tell me what this plane is made from? Is it really EPO or is it BEPP?


        • #5
          It says EPO and that is what mine appears to be.


          • #6
            That is good to hear. The first version was made from BEPP which is not very durable in my opinion. I had a plane that was EPP foam and when it broke it would turn into little beads. Also I could not get paint to stick to it at all.